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   Chapter 888 The Sadness In His Eyes (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-04 15:11

"They wouldn't leave you alone if they get to know you are responsible, you will never be able to relax in life! What's more..." Before Mond could finish his words, he was again interrupted by Sally.

"I don't care! I must achieve my aims!" Sally said angrily. Suddenly, she furiously stared at Mond and asked, "If Lawrence plans to kill me, will you help and save my life?"

"No," Mond replied without hesitation. "I will take his side."

"Why do all of you always take Chu family's side?" Sally shouted hysterically. At the same time, she felt a bit sad because she didn't expect Mond to be so resolute; she thought him to at least comfort her. In her heart, Mond was the only person that she could trust and get close to apart from Jackson.

"I have no reason not to protect Lawrence. I have to do it!" Mond was no longer the person who had planned revenge earlier and now he was Lawrence's uncle too. He had always treated Lawrence as his own child ever since the time when he gave up revenge and accepted Chu family. As an elder, he would protect him, take care of him and love him no matter what cost he has to give for that.

"Ah-hem," Sally suddenly burst into laughter. She felt it ridiculous and funny after hearing Mond's words. After letting out a heavy sigh, she stood up, walked beside the window, looked outside and said, "Fortunately, I haven't placed much hope on you. Or, I would have been very disappointed."

Mond didn't say a word and lowered his head, being at a loss of words.


In Yuwen's house, Jacob and Elsa sat on the sofa of the living room with Wilson and Selina sitting beside them. All of them looked solemn and grave.

"Wilson, do you think that should we go and pay a visit to Fred? Violet, after all, is his daughter-in-law and Jackson and Cherry are also not home. Do you think we should go and show our concern since we are Violet's fa

ent. She held Greg's hands into hers, eyes full of love and care. He was about the same age as her own son and she wanted to love him dearly just like she would have loved her own child.

"Aunt, uncle, you have come here!" Greg didn't reply to Selina's question. Instead, he wanted to escape and go away from there, "I will get you some water."

"Greg!" Seeing that Greg was about to go, Selina immediately grabbed him by the arm and said, "Just sit here! We are not thirsty at all."

Seeing that Selina was not going to let him go, Greg could do nothing but sit down again, still, he continued to stare at the floor blankly, daring not to look towards Selina and Wilson.

"Is your father okay?" Wilson couldn't help but ask Greg.

"He is fine and stable now," Greg replied, without saying any more words.

"Greg, if you need any kind of help, just tell us, okay? Don't hide everything in your heart as that will do no good to you, understand?" Selina tried to comfort Greg, but she knew that it was in vain because Greg wouldn't listen to her. His state of mind was not which would help him behave normally.

"Okay," Greg slightly nodded his head and remained silent. He was helpless at the moment and there was nothing that could comfort him.

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