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   Chapter 887 The Sadness In His Eyes (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-04 15:11

"So many years have passed since your love for Jackson developed, haven't you yet gotten tired of trying to frame him?" Mond couldn't understand what Sally's motives were and so he continued to persuade her to change her mind, "You must know that Jackson had never loved you and the only woman he ever loved is and always will be Cherry! You repeatedly say that you love him, and if that is true then you should wish him happiness in his life, shouldn't you? Now he is living a peaceful and happy life, why are you trying to disturb him?"

"Because I did not get to live a happy life!" Sally retorted immediately. "Do you even have a small idea of what kind of a life I have lived? I am scared every day and remain in a state of apprehension every moment of my life. I fear that any fine day I would be either killed by the policemen or captured by the underworld gangs operating here. He abandoned me like he was throwing away a burden. Do you really think that I would want to wish him happiness?"

"If you had left the city to start a new life, I am sure that by now you would have started living a completely different life. You could have found another man, got married and had a child of your own. Life would have been beautiful, wouldn't it?" said Mond. He tried to help Sally change her mind and thus was encouraging her to move on, just like what he himself had done. He had changed completely from a cruel man who just wanted to take revenge from Jackson to a great father who always wanted to protect his family.

His words touched Sally's heart a little bit and her eyes softened as tears appeared in them. But they were very subtle and you couldn't notice them if you didn't take a closer look.

"It's useless! You know my only hope was and is Jackson. I can't live without him," Sally said while shaking her head. Since a young age, she had been in love with Jackson and that love of hers would never end. Her heart had been completely captured by him and

ause of Lawrence. I not only have lost a huge sum of money but was almost caught by the policemen. Now I am quite sure that he is the person behind it."

"Are you really sure?" Mond asked, with a tinge of?surprise in his voice.

"90% sure! No, 100%! It must have been him! Several of my small missions have also failed and that proves his actions! I doubt that the people who cooperated with me are all related to Lawrence. Though I had spent lots of money to establish a cooperative relationship with them, they promised and they didn't do it as per my request because their real owner is Lawrence!" Sally said quite assured as she recalled how all her plans had failed in the past.

"Since you know by now how capable he is, why not leave this place before he returns?" Mond suggested. After all, he had once saved her and he really didn't want to see her die a sad death. That would be very cruel!

Sally just shook her head and said, "It's too late now!"

"Then what's your next action going to be? Have you arranged for everything in advance?" Mond could tell from Sally's tone that she had arranged everything by now and it was only time when things would start working as per her plan.

"Yes, you are right! Since this is a rare opportunity, why shouldn't I take advantage of it?" Sally retorted.

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