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   Chapter 886 Sally's Visit (Part Two)

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"Who else can stop me? You or Derek?" Sally asked with a sneer. Resting her eyes on Mond, she remarked, "Your prime time is over. Don't you think that you have changed a lot these years? You've lost much of your sharp edge already. I think the softening of your heart is evident in many things. For example, your generous thirty million dollars' donation to charity. But I suspect you thought it would remain secret, didn't you?"

Surprised that she had sniffed that out, Mond gave her a grave look, probing to see if she'd give away some helpful information. "It looks like you're better informed than I imagined," he began with a little bit of flattery. "Tell me, how do you get to know all these?" he asked. What puzzled Mond most was that Sally didn't have any friends. All the information that she seemed to have at her fingertips was sourced through spying on people through hired contracts. Considering that she was lonely and isolated, he assumed that it must have cost her an arm and a leg. The bit he had learned about her spying on Lawrence and Mike through the Russian intelligence was particularly unsettling. For that reason, he'd have to play his cards close to his chest. Worse still, Mond was gutted by her needless murder of Sharon. From now onward, he'd need to tread cautiously with this woman.

"Money has power, doesn't it?" Sally asked in return. "We can do anything as long as we have money."

Disagreeing, Mond shook his head. As far as he could tell, she wasn't being honest. There were many things that she wanted to hide with that generalized answer.

Being his old friend, Sally read what exactly was going through his mind. Money was a veneer behind which she had hoped to hide, but Mond was too smart for that. That wasn't going to fool him so easily, she thought.

All of a sudden, she changed the topic. Glancing around, she asked, "Do you live alone in such a huge house?" she asked.

"Why bother asking? You sat here waiting for m

he couldn't have come here without a good reason, he assumed.

Remembering how awkwardly she had fallen, Sally instinctively pulled at her clothes, even though she was all covered up by now. She then sat back on the couch, at the same place she had sat before hell broke lose.

"Now that I'm back, I thought I should pay you a visit. You truly changed my life," she replied.

"There is no need. And you should've done it earlier. I don't think I'm the first person you've visited after landing, nor the last," Mond said, blankly staring out of the window.

"I did it out of respect," Sally returned. "I also heard that you have a beautiful daughter. I didn't know you had a daughter."

Mond switched his gaze back to Sally. With a hint of concern in his eyes, he said indifferently, "You have no business poking your nose into my family affairs. But you can give it a shot, if you have the nerve to lay a hand on my family," Mond said nonchalantly.

"Don't worry. I will not hurt your wife or your daughter," Sally reassured. Meeting his eyes again, she continued with hatred, "The only person I will and must get even with is your half brother. Sooner or later, I'll make him pay for abandoning me to get married to another woman. And before I finish with him, Cherry's children will be gone too."

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