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   Chapter 885 Sally's Visit (Part One)

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In the living room, Derek sat down next to Mike.

"Is Greg alright?" Mond asked with a concerned look. Naturally, he was worried about Greg since he was Violet's husband.

"Yes, he is. He is a strong, good boy. He knows what to do," Derek nodded.

"I am beginning to think we should make a move sooner than later. If we had done that earlier, Sally wouldn't have killed Greg's stepmother. Our lenience and stalling has only emboldened that senseless, bloodthirsty woman." Soren suggested with a little frown, as he laid eyes on Derek and Mond.

As the meeting got underway, the group of four got engrossed in discussion. Looking on, the men in black suits standing guard knew what was happening, but unless they got a express permission, they could't contribute a word to the meeting.

"I didn't know that she is such a cruel woman. But this time, I'm convinced. She murdered her friend just to get away with what she's done," Derek remarked, narrowing his eyes. Cross-legged, he reclined on the couch and crossed his hands.

"Having neither family nor friends, she has no heart as well," Mond cautioned. The news of Sharon's death had left him devastated. It had never occurred to him that Sally would be so callous as to murder Sharon.

Derek didn't respond, but looked ahead with his deep-set eyes.

"What do we do?" Mond asked, shifting his gaze to look at Derek.

"We've got no choice but to wait," Mike chimed in promptly. He suddenly sat straight, and turned to the other three men. "We can't act rashly," he warned.

"If we continue to stand by, we don't know who will be her next target," Mond retorted. He couldn't read Sally's mind. Now he had no idea what she would do next.

However, Derek disagreed with Mond. He still remembered Mike's words that Lawrence had his plan. Besides, that person was in the city. He was certain that there was no need to worry despite of this accident.

After a long pause, Derek began, "Mond." Gazing into Mond's eyes, he continued, "Just follow Mike's advice."

Today, Mike was in the charge of maki

leak any confidential military intelligence. They were framed," Sally defended for her parents.

But Mond showed no interest in the topic. Fixing his eyes on Sally, he taunted, "Looks like you still care about your family. I thought you had no feelings."

A hideous look immediately showing in his eyes, he went on, "Why did you hurt Sharon? She was your friend."

"Friend? Do you think we were friends? The problem with Sharon was that she knew too much. After I came back, there's nothing I did without her knowing. If I had let her go back to the Xiao family safely, I would have died. What would you do if you were in my shoes?" Sally extricated herself.

Mond didn't say a word. Thinking about it, he could understand that she was just trying to protect herself.

"Do you think you can keep us in the dark even if Sharon did not tell us? We know everything you have done. You're under our watch," Mond returned coldly.

"I know what you are capable of," Sally said in a relaxed manner as she returned to her seat. As she leaned against the sofa, she transfixed her eyes on the man. "It looks like Mike is much wiser than I thought. When Lawrence left the city, I'd have a field day, with no one to get in my way. That's how I underated Mike," she changed the subject.

"Even though Lawrence is away, you will never get what you want," Mond said decidedly.

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