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   Chapter 884 Stay Strong And Face It (Part Two)

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"Yes, boss. We already know what to do. Your father has also given us his orders," the leader replied.

Mike said nothing but just nodded. Then he walked into the house with Greg.

In the living room, Mond, Soren and several men in black suites were sitting on the sofa. When Mike and Greg came in, the men in black suites suddenly stood up.

"Mr. Mike, Mr. Greg," one of the men in black suites greeted them politely. The other men gazed at Mike in awe.

Mike motioned them to sit down. Although he didn't know all of them, he guessed that they were either his Dad's or Uncle Mond's friends.

"Dad, where is Uncle Derek?" Mike asked as he turned to his father. "He is upstairs," Soren answered.

Then he looked at Greg and said, "Greg, your Dad passed out just now. He is taking an infusion upstairs. Would you like to see him?"

Greg's expression didn't change upon hearing Soren's words, but he immediately ran upstairs.

Mike didn't follow him since he knew that the father and son needed time for themselves. Mike had already expected that this would be a heavy blow to Fred.

When Greg reached upstairs, he stomped off to Fred's room. He saw Derek standing beside the bed and a nurse arranging some medicines on the bedside table.

"Uncle Derek," Greg's voice was low. He wasn't in a good mood now, but he still behaved politely.

"Greg, you are back," Derek greeted him. Derek could tell that Greg looked so different from the way he used to be. The Greg in front of him now looked so depressed and weak like a little child. He seemed to really need protection and comfort right

was full of regrets.

Greg's words hit Derek's heart. When Greg fell silent, he spoke up, "Greg, I remember that your Dad once told me that he was so proud of you. For him, you are outstanding. When you fell in love with Violet and wished to marry her, he immediately agreed. He even studied cosmetology in his free time, because he wanted to help Violet. He really is a good father."

Derek took a deep breath first before he continued, "Greg, Sharon's death must be a heavy blow to him. He loves both Sharon and you. Now that Sharon is gone, he must..."

Derek couldn't finish his words. He just looked at Fred who was still lying on the bed and unconscious.

"Greg, you must stay strong and take good care of your Dad. Don't hesitate to ask for my help if you need it. I will do anything to help you as long as I can," Derek offered. This was what he could only do for the Xiao Family.

"Thank you, Uncle Derek," Greg said in a low voice.

"I'll go downstairs first. Just stay here and accompany your Dad for now."

Derek left the room when Greg nodded.

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