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   Chapter 883 Stay Strong And Face It (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-03 11:33

At six o'clock in the morning, Greg hurriedly left the house. He was driving to the address that Sharon gave him to pick her up.

It was already half past seven when he arrived at the apartment, but Sharon was not yet downstairs. He glanced at his watch and furrowed his brows. He thought, 'It seems that I arrive too early.'

Greg decided to wait for Sharon to come down, so he just sat inside his car. He kept on looking at the exit, hoping that he could see her there. However, eight o'clock came, but Sharon was still nowhere to be seen.

Greg felt a bit worried, so he took out his cellphone and dialed Sharon's number.

He had been calling for a long time, but no one answered. He felt that something was odd. 'Did something bad happen?' he wondered.

Panic-stricken, Greg pulled out his car key and quickly got off his car. Then he ran to the apartment entrance.

When he reached the room, Greg stood at the door and rang the doorbell ceaselessly, but no one answered. He was already banging the door with his fist, but he still didn't get any response from the inside. He took his phone again and tried to call Sharon but to no avail. Since he was already very anxious, he decided to call the police.

While waiting for the policemen to arrive, Greg got more terrified. He had a foreboding that something bad really happened. As time went by, all he could only do was to pray for Sharon's safety.

After a few minutes, the policemen arrived. Since no one was answering inside, they decided to open the door with the help of the apartment manager. As soon as the door was opened, Greg rushed inside. There was no one in the living room, so he started to search for Sharon one room to

don't know what will be her next move so you have to fix yourself and face her," he added. He knew that Greg's condition was not good but he didn't want him to be like that. He preferred to see the Greg who was a personable doctor with a high critical thinking skill.

Greg understood Mike's words. He knew that he needed to deal with many things and he couldn't just sulk in the corner. He needed to take care of his father, prepare for Sharon's funeral, and continue to manage the XS Hospital. He had to face all these.

"Okay," Greg answered with a nod.

"Come on, let's get off the car. Uncle Derek and Uncle Mond must be waiting for us inside," Mike urged as he removed his hand from Greg's shoulder. He opened the door and got off.

Before they entered the villa, they saw a lot of men in black standing in two lines. They were all from the Yu Family.

"Master," the leader greeted Mike politely.

"Once you see someone suspicious, you already know what to do, " Mike ordered. He looked around the villa and realized that the Xiao Family was really the weakest. He must protect the members of this family well.

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