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   Chapter 882 I Can Only Get Away From This If You Die (Part Two)

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Sharon immediately complied and took a spoonful. She closed her eyes a bit to savor it. Then she looked at Sally who was also filling her own bowl with a soup, "Yes, it tastes good."

Sally just smiled sweetly and started drinking her soup as well. They had an enjoyable meal together all in all.

After dinner, Sharon followed Sally to the kitchen to help her clean up. However, Sally stopped her and said, "Leave everything to me here. You should take a bath now and go to bed. You need to get up early tomorrow."

"No, it's okay. I won't have any problems getting up tomorrow. Besides, I'm so excited to go home so I'll definitely wake up early. Moreover, I've already texted Greg your address so he will surely come to pick me up," Sharon countered with a smile. She insisted on helping Sally with the dishes.

But Sally firmly didn't want her to help. So when she was about to wet her hands, Sally hastily stopped her. Sally was acting so naturally that Sharon didn't doubt her at all when she said, "You don't really need to do this. Listen to me, okay? You should go to bed now. It was an honor for me to have dinner with you so let me just finish the cleaning. You don't need to help me at all."

Since Sally was really firm, Sharon waved her hand and gave in. She smiled to Sally and said, "Okay then, I'll go to my room now."

As she saw Sharon entered her room and closed the door, the smile on Sally's face disappeared.

'Sharon, this is the last present I can give you, ' she said to herself.

Then she closed the kitchen door and started to clean up cautiously. She put all the dishes in the sink and poured lot of sanitizer on them to wash any evidence off.

She cleaned up and sterilized every spot in the kitchen so as not to leave any evidence behind her.

old to herself again.

At that moment, Sally took the elevator all the way to the 38th floor. The moment she stepped out of the elevator, she saw a man in a black suit waiting for her.

She walked close to him and reached out her hand to take the card he was handing over.

"It's registered under Wang," the man in a black suit said before he turned around and left.

Sally didn't say anything and directly went to Room 3806. She had to move quickly or else the surveillance cameras on that floor would record all her movements.

She swiped the card and the door opened. She stepped inside hastily and closed the door behind her. Her eyes first looked for the desk that the man mentioned. There, she saw it at the corner and she saw a file lying on there. What the man had said was right.

Sally walked towards the desk and put the card away. She picked up the file and read it.

Few seconds later, she laughed and threw the file on the floor casually. She walked to the French window and looked at the view outside. It was such a beautiful city with all the neon lights shining in every corner.

"Mond, do you think it's time for us to meet again?" she asked herself loudly.

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