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   Chapter 881 I Can Only Get Away From This If You Die (Part One)

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Greg sighed in resignation. He didn't have a choice but to accept Sharon's suggestion.

"Fine! But remember to text me the complete address," he then said. He wanted to make sure that she didn't forget.

"Of course. You take care of your dad for now. I'll be back tomorrow," Sharon said in a delightful voice.

"Okay, I will," Greg answered.

After he hung up the phone, Greg looked at his father but didn't say anything.

However, Fred had already heard everything about his conversation with Sharon so there was really no need to tell. Fred just patted his son's shoulder and said, "It's great that Sharon is coming back soon."

Then Fred looked up to the sky with eagerness in his eyes.

On the other hand, Greg was worried about Sharon. He knew that the longer she stayed there, the more that she was putting herself in danger. But he couldn't think of a more practical solution at this moment. He was also worried that Sally might discover their plans if he would do something. So the best thing he could do for now was to drop the idea of bringing Sharon back.

In Sally's apartment.

Sharon was still mulling over what Fred had said. Joy filled her eyes and she almost forgot that Sally was with her. She seemed to be lost in her thoughts. Yes, he was her son. Although she was not his biological mother, she loved him like she would her own son.

"You look so happy," Sally commented in a cold voice. "Yes, you're right," Sharon agreed.

"My son just called. He wants me to go back home. Now I know that he also cares for me." Sharon was too happy to notice Sally's expression. Then she added, "Sally, you also heard what he told me on

get rid of this quickly.

Dinner time.

Sharon was amazed to see how much food was on the table. She almost couldn't believe that Sally prepared them all alone. "Sally, how nice of you to prepare such a sumptuous dinner. But I'm afraid that it will be more than enough for us to eat," she commented with genuine gratefulness in her voice.

"Well, I just thought that it might take a long time before we could have dinner together again. So for me this dinner is the most important. That's why I cooked all the dishes that I know how to cook," Sally explained. "Let's eat?" she added then handed Sharon a bowl of soup.

"You are right. When I get back home, I need to spend more time with my family so I might find it difficult to be with you often. You know, I also have to take care of my husband," agreed Sharon. She felt joy in her heart as she thought of Fred. She couldn't wait to be with him again. Then she added, "But every time I am free, I'll call you. I promise you that."

Sally just smiled and pointed her the bowl of soup. Then she urged her, "Try the soup. Tell me if you like it."

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