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   Chapter 880 Please Come Back Home, Sharon (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-03 00:06

Afraid that Fred's anxiety might increase if he found out the full details about the woman in question, Greg didn't tell his Dad everything. At present, he just wanted to bring his Aunt back home with his father. For Sharon's safety, Greg was willing to go an extra mile as long as she agreed to come back home. He'd even apologize. But if that didn't work, he had decided to find her on his own, make peace with her and take care of her, even without Fred's support. By any means, he wanted to keep her out of harm's way.

"So... So... umm... we ask her to get back now?" Fred faltered. He was feeling completely at a loss.

"Yes. We need to call Aunt now and ask her to come back home. Then we pick up from there, okay?" Greg replied. Looking at a distressed Fred, he thought, 'Dad looks so distressed, which is not good for his advanced age. I really feel bad for him, ' Greg empathized.

"Okay. It's a good idea," Fred replied promptly. He put his shaking hand into his pocket and fumbled for his cell phone. "I will call your Aunt now," he said.

The old man pulled out the phone and called Sharon.

He got through to his wife after a long time.

"Hello," Sharon answered from the other end of line.

"It's, It's me," Fred stammered. He was so nervous that he didn't know what to say.

"What's up?" Sharon asked in an overbearing manner.

Greg who stood close to his father overheard their conversation. Noticing that his father got tense, he grabbed the phone from Fred's hand. "Where are you, Aunt?" he asked straightforwardly.

"Hello, Greg. What's up?" Sharon replied, sounding as irritable as she had done to Fred. Bluntly she talked to Greg; you'd think it was a spoiled brat with one of those 'I don't care' attitudes lashing out at street urchin.

Ignoring her needless emotional chatter, Greg interrupted her. "Dad and I have missed you," he began firmly. "When are you coming back, Aunt?" he asked, sounding so genuine and disarming. The top priority on his mind was to get Sharon back. For that he was prepared

Where are you, Aunt? I will come and pick you up," Greg asked, eager to bring Sharon back home. It gave him creeps to imagine his Aunt staying with Sally one more day. He would only rest after Sharon was safely back home.

"I..." Before Sharon could unveil her location, she ran into Sally's gaze. She stopped immediately for she could tell by the woman's eyes that she wasn't allowed to leak the apartment's address.

"What's wrong?" Greg asked apprehensively. He wondered whether Sharon was with Sally. But he didn't dare to speak it out. If they were together, Sally could overhear their conversation, he thought.

"Nothing. Don't worry," Sharon faltered. "Well, pick me up at 8:00 tomorrow. I need to pack up my belongs tonight. See you tomorrow."

"How about you get your staff packed now and I pick you up an hour later?" Greg requested. He could sense from Sharon's tone that she was with Sally. At the thought of it, he couldn't wait to take his Aunt away from that woman.

"I don't think it's a good idea. I have lived in my friend's house for so long. If I leave in a hurry, she will get angry. You can understand me, right? But I promise you that I'll be back tomorrow. So drop by here at 8:00 tomorrow. I will send you the address later. Don't be late. You don't need to worry about me, okay? So see you tomorrow!" Sharon declined his offer.

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