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   Chapter 879 Please Come Back Home, Sharon (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-02 03:57

"Exactly. So we don't need to worry about anything, Uncle Derek. Everything is under our control," Mike replied.

Derek gave a satisfied smile.

Mond seemed to have caught up with what they said. Only Soren and Greg were not following, but they didn't show it on their faces.

To break the tense atmosphere, Mike took a deep breath and began, "Alright. Now we all understood the whole situation. Let's divide our work."

Looking towards Derek, he said, "Lawrence had arranged his work before leaving, so everything will go well with the JC Group. But we can't let down our guard. Uncle Derek, please keep an eye on the JC Group and watch out for any suspicious signs, okay?"

"Okay," Derek replied with verve, feeling like they had already won the fight. 'Looks like all my worries are unnecessary. But how long have Lawrence and Aria been dating? Why did he keep me in the dark?' he pondered, somewhat unimpressed.

Afterward, he shifted his gaze to Mond, whom he instructed. "Please send your men to protect Aria secretly, Uncle Mond. It's what Lawrence wants. She was set up. It must be hard on her, serving time in prison on trumped-up charges. On top of that, she's also been having it rough with her mum who's in the hospital, fighting for her life after she was poisoned. Perhaps the girl might have an emotional breakdown or worse still; someone might try to kill her. So..." he said politely.

"How about I get her out?" Mond suggested. "It's not big deal."

"No. I don't think it's a good idea. It will alert Sally and she might change her plan. That way, we can't forese

. We need to save her," he began with a concerned look.

"What happened to her?" asked Fred in panic, his eyes meeting his son's gaze. From the look in his eyes, Greg could tell the old man was rattled.

"Don't get panicked, Dad. Hear me out," Greg said, trying to appease Fred. "Here is the thing. A few days ago, Aunt moved out from here, claiming that one of her friends returned from abroad. But today, I met Mike, and he gave me spine-chilling details about the woman that Aunt claims to be friends with. The woman has a heinous criminal record. She also has connections in high places which makes her get away with anything, including murder. But you know, with crime, what goes around comes around. Who knows when she'll finally get her dues? For that reason, Mike has strongly advised that we bring Aunt home and all together stop her from seeing that woman again."

The reality shook Fred to the core. Since Sharon left home, he had been missing her. But it didn't occur to him that his wife was now living with a notorious coldhearted criminal.

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