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   Chapter 878 Keep To Lawrence’s Arrangement (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-02 03:41

Now that everything was clear. Mike, who had believed that he and Lawrence were the smartest people in the world, had to confess that he was wrong. Heck, he had never known someone was snooping on him all the time? He also wondered whether Lawrence had any clue.

Soren continued to say, "To say it's difficult to contact the Russian intelligence agency would be an understatement. Yet Sally had not only made contact but at a whopping three billion dollars she hired them to monitor a mere two individuals. That was one hell of a creepy story."

"Well, Soren, how about digging into her networks thoroughly before we make any move?" Derek asked.

Before Soren replied, Mike interrupted.

"Wait for a second," said Mike, who just digested the news and realized his task as per what Lawrence had asked.

"What's the matter?" asked Derek.

"Well, Uncle Derek," Mike first looked at Derek and then Mond, "Uncle Mond, I'm afraid you have to listen to me this time."

In confusion, Derek and Mond exchanged a look, trying to understand where Mike was heading. What's going on? Soren was at a loss, too. Greg, on the contrary, was quite unperturbed.

"Mike, what do you mean by that?" asked Mond.

"Well, I mean that Lawrence has a plan and we have carefully gone over it, so you better trust me and listen to what I have to say. It's not my plan as such, but something that Lawrence figured out on his own. He only shared with me after he had done all the groundwork, so it's purely his brainchild. But trust you me, it's quite airtight," Mike assured. He didn't intend to hide anything for anyone here, seeing they were in this together.

"Lawrence?" Mond said quizzically.

Quietly, Derek followed, eager to hear Mike out.

"Yes, Lawrence and I have been

ered about this."

"Why?" Asked Soren, not believing what his ears heard. Suddenly he realized he had underrated his son. It brought the old man great relief to know that Mike was much better than the image he projected of a carefree, party animal who shirked responsibilities.

Eagerly, Derek, who in his heart asked the same question as Soren had done, was waiting for Mike's answer.

"Because Lawrence has someone else to do this. A very important and trustworthy person, who has lived in this city for a long time," Mike said, trying to drop a hint for Derek. There was no doubt that Derek would figure out the person.

"Whom do you think we could count on for that, please?" Derek asked, while running a few names through his mind.

"A very reliable lady, whose loyalty to the Chu family is unmatched. Better still," Mike paused for a second before he continued, "she has international influence beyond what all our entire family could make."

"I think I get your drift," said Derek, the deep anxiety that was written all over his face disappearing into a smile of relief. With that little hint, he had figured out the person that Mike and Lawrence had in mind.

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