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   Chapter 876 Waiting For The News (Part Two)

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"Wait as well," replied Lawrence. He was also very worried about Aria when he heard that she was in prison but the only thing he could do for now was to wait. It seemed that this woman had suffered a lot recently so he decided that he would make up to her when he went back to China. However, it was just a pity that he couldn't stay with her when she needed him the most.

After a second, Lawrence continued, "But Mike, you need to ask Uncle Mond to make arrangements inside the prison and make sure that Aria will be protected. Staying there must be very difficult for her."

"Alright. I know what to do," Mike answered.

"Well, that's good," Lawrence replied.

Just at that moment, Mike suddenly saw the anxious look on Greg's face. He immediately understood what Greg was worrying about so he asked, "What about Violet? Is she okay?"

Mike was right because as soon as he mentioned Violet's name, Greg's expression became less tensed. This was actually what he had been wanting to know.

"She is in the last course of her treatment now and she might recover very soon. My parents are now in the ward with her," replied Lawrence.

"Well, that's good to hear," Mike said with a nod. He was giving a hint to Greg that Violet was all fine.

"Tell Greg that all my family members thank him so much for what he did for Violet," Lawrence said in a cold and flat voice.

"Sure, I will. So, when will you be coming home?" Mike asked again. "As soon as her last course of treatment finished, we will go back to Hong Kong. Then I'll go back to the city after I make sure that she is just fine," Lawrence replied.

He paused for a moment then continued, "I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Well, I'll wait for you to come back home."

After hanging up the phone, Mike wanted to say something to Greg. However, before he could open his mouth, his phone rang again.

Greg looked at his phone and saw Uncle Mond's name on the screen.

"It is

He was also a little bit worried about Aria. Life in prison must be tough for a woman who was just set up by others. He was afraid that Aria would suffer a lot in prison.

"Don't worry, Lawrence wants Uncle Mond to take care of her," Mike explained.

They both fell silent for a little while. Then Mike suddenly remembered something so he turned to face Greg and said, "I almost forget something very important. I think you should go to your Dad and convince him to take Sharon home. It's actually the reason why I came to see you today. You can't just leave her to be with Sally anymore."

"Oh, I see," Greg replied. He paused for a moment before he continued, "I just remember now. During that time when I was trying to save Mrs. Kate, I saw Sharon and Sally standing at the door of the ward. But when they saw me, they didn't go inside. I just didn't know what they were planning to do at that moment."

"Well, just forget about that. Things already happened and we couldn't do anything about it anymore. We just need to solve it now," Mike said. He was no longer in a sad mood and he was somewhat relieved when he continued, "We are very lucky to have Lawrence as a friend. We don't need to worry about anything when he is with us. He can always figure out a way to solve any problems."

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