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   Chapter 875 Waiting For The News (Part One)

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Mike was sitting at Greg's office as he dialed Lawrence's number.

After waiting for quite a while, the call finally got connected.

"Hello, Mike," Lawrence's voice was heard from the other end of the line.

"Lawrence, can you talk right now?" Mike asked excitedly. It had been a long time since the last time he heard Lawrence's voice.

Greg who was sitting next to Mike was somewhat excited too. He was dying to ask Lawrence about Violet. He wanted to make sure that she was just fine.

"Yes, I can," Lawrence replied.

Mike took a deep breath and calmed himself down after he heard Lawrence's answer. He wanted to go straight to the point so he eventually said, "Sally started to make a move. She killed one of my Dad's friends and..." Mike paused for a few seconds before he continued to tell Lawrence about Kate, "she tried to kill Aria's Mom."

"Where is Greg?" Lawrence asked at once as soon as Mike finished his words.

Mike glanced at Greg before he answered, "Greg is sitting next to me. I'm at XS Hospital now. Don't worry, Kate is already out of danger. Greg did his best to save her. He promised that nothing bad will happen to her again."

Lawrence didn't say anything else after he heard Mike's affirmative answer.

Since Mike noticed that Lawrence fell silent on the other line, he continued, "But Lawrence, things are a little complicated now. I don't know why, but Rebecca was involved in everything. I think she knows your relationship with Aria. I just don't know how'd she know."

"Where is Aria now?" asked Lawrence. "She's in prison," Mike replied.

He didn't want to hide anything from Lawrence. Besides, Lawrence could have his own ways of finding things out even though he wouldn't tell him.

"So what does your Dad plan to do?" Lawrence asked again. Mike immediately told Lawrence his plans.

"Let me deal with Sally. I'm sure that her next target is the JC Group so I must protect

he couldn't feel the pain Lawrence was feeling right now.

"When I asked you to wait, I didn't mean that I will allow Sally to do whatever she wants to do," Lawrence spoke again.

"So what did you mean?" Mike asked in puzzlement.

"If she dares to step into the JC Group, I promise that she will never get a chance to walk out of there alive," declared Lawrence in a firm tone.

Mike didn't get what Lawrence meant for a while. Did Lawrence mean that he had already made a plan and arranged everything against Sally in advance?

"Lawrence, does that mean..." Mike couldn't finish his words because Greg was still with him in the office. He didn't want Greg to hear what he was going to say.

"Yeah. She has been in the JC Group all the time," Lawrence replied.

It seemed that Lawrence could read Mike's mind. Even though Mike didn't finish his words, Lawrence still knew what he was thinking. And what's more, Lawrence's answer made him know what to do next. He suddenly understood what he could do to lessen the harm on people around him.

"I'm relieved that you have a plan," Mike said as a wide grin appeared on his handsome face.

"Then what about Aria? What should I do to her?" Mike suddenly asked as he remembered her pitiful situation inside the prison now.

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