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   Chapter 874 Good Friends (Part Two)

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Taken by surprise, Greg gaped at Mike. He thought of the drug that was slowly killing Kate Bai. The only difference was that Kate was still alive but the friend of Mike's father was dead.

"Mike," Greg began suddenly, staring at Mike. "Perhaps I know something about this drug."

As Mike met Greg's gaze, he detected the solemn look in the latter's eyes.

When Mike didn't speak, Greg continued, "A few days ago, a patient in my hospital was drugged and almost lost her life. I guess it was the same drug you referred to. It's only found in New Zealand and has never been available in China. I reached out to some of my friends abroad for help, and they told me this pill is legal in New Zealand, but with lots of restrictions even for public hospitals. It's allowed for sale to individuals, but in some ways, it has found its way onto the black market, where it costs an arm and a leg."

Thunderstruck, Mike neither moved nor said a word.

Picking up his line, Greg said seriously, "I didn't expect that the same drug would have killed your Dad's friend and recently used on a patient in my hospital.

Yet again, Mike made no comments. Instead, he asked with knitted brows, "Why did I know nothing about it?"

The Yu family was resourceful, and nothing was happening in this city could escape their watchful eye. It was unusual for serious security of concerns like the case of patient Greg was talking about to stay under the rudder, hidden from the topmost aristocratic family in the city. On top of that, Greg's report on the drug was the kind of sensitive information he'd have done better sharing with the relevant people in real time.

"I blocked the information," Greg replied.

"Why did you do that?" Mike blurted out.

"Because she is a special patient. Lawren

I can be of any help. I will try my best," Greg offered with a resolute expression. At the moment, he needed no persuading to work closely with Mike, seeing Lawrence, his brother-in-law was at the eye of the storm.

Shaking his head, Mike cautioned, "It's not that easy. Sally is a difficult opponent. Lawrence's Great-grandpa failed to handle her. She is even Lawrence's Dad's old acquaintance. They had complicated relationships. We can't lay a hand on her for now."

Upon hearing Mike's reasonable analysis, Greg didn't know what to do next. He barely knew anything about the Chu family, not to mention Sally's connections with Violet's parents.

"But there is one thing we can do, which is to protect Aria and her mother from getting hurt," Mike said. That was the only thing he could do now, he thought.

"What about Aria? She is still in jail," Greg asked, feeling a little more concerned. 'I was wondering why she didn't come to visit her mother. It turns out she was framed, ' he mused.

"Perhaps I should keep Lawrence posted on this," Mike replied. "Lawrence didn't tell me much about his plan. I don't know whether he had already sent people to keep an eye on her."

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