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   Chapter 873 Good Friends (Part One)

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Soren nodded his head as a sign of agreement.

"Thank you, Dad! I will go upstairs and freshen up before coming to Greg. You call Uncle Derek and Uncle Mond and inform them," Mike said before rising from his seat and heading upstairs.

After parking his car directly in front of the main entry at the XS Hospital, Mike walked into the building.

In Greg's office, he found an assistant cleaning around. "Where is Greg?" he asked.

"Hello, sir. Mr. Greg is in a meeting," the assistant replied politely.

"When is the meeting getting over?" he asked urgently.

"Sorry, I don't know," the assistant replied.

After pondering for a moment, Mike decided not to waste any time. Frowning at the assistant, he ordered forcefully, "Go and tell Greg, wherever he is, that I have something urgent and I am waiting for him."

The assistant thought Mike's request was rude. But she was terrified when she looked into his fierce, sharp eyes. Reluctant as she was, she nodded in agreement and immediately left the office.

Ten minutes later, Greg returned to his office. When he spotted Mike who was siting on the lounge, he was slightly surprised. "Hello, Mike, what are you doing here?" he asked, his eyes popping wide in surprise.

Straight away, he turned to his assistant. "Bring two cups of coffee," he instructed.

"Okay," the assistant replied, as she turned and made an exit.

Greg made his way to the sofa and took a seat opposite Mike.

As their eyes met, Mike asked directly, "I'll be straightforward with it, Greg. There has been something going on between your father and stepmother, isn't it?"

When Greg hea

came to you. Bring your Aunt home as soon as possible. Sally is my target. I don't want to hurt Sharon, for she is your Aunt," he responded.

In agreement, Greg nodded, "I got it. I will call my father later."

Without saying another word, Mike nodded back at him.

At the moment, the assistant showed up with two cups of coffee. The two men, she realized remained silent.

But she kept to her duties and set the coffee mugs on the table, then left the office.

"What else can I do, Mike? Please tell me if I can be of any help," Greg inquired. Somehow, he had a hunch that there was another important thing that Mike wanted to tell him.

"Alright. Here is the thing," Mike started, not intending to keep Greg in the dark. "One of my Dad's friends died. His death wasn't caused by gunshots or disease, but a strange medicine."

"Drug?" Greg repeated, stupefied. "Do you know its name?"

Shaking his head, Mike answered, "I don't know. This medicine is rare. My Dad says the drug is currently available only in New Zealand. It has never been authorized for sale in China."

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