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   Chapter 872 An Enemy From The Past (Part Four)

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Updated: 2019-04-01 00:48

"What are you planning to do? This isn't a game and Sally is not someone who you can deal with easily. I heard Jackson's Grandfather tried to stop this bitch, but he failed. Jackson isn't stopping as well, but he's taking precautions," Soren warned his son. He didn't want Mike to be involved in this. It was something that he would want to deal with himself. Mike knew more things about Sally than his father could imagine. Being friends with Lawrence, he found out some things about the Chu family that only he and Lawrence have knowledge about. And Sally He was one of them.

"Do you trust me, Dad?" Mike suddenly asked his father. He took his father by the hand and looked him in the eye. Despite being a stubborn and self-centered son, Mike loved his father so much. He would always choose his father's safety rather than his own. And for this one endeavor, he wouldn't let his father take this on his own.

"Yes, I do," Soren replied sternly. He always had faith in his son.

"Good. For now, order your men to stand down. We must not alert Sally by all means," Mike suggested to his father.

"But do you already have plans on how to handle her on your own? Remember, Sally is a dangerous fox and Lawrence isn't here. There's no one to help you," Soren said. He was confident in his son's ability but he was just worried for his safety.

Mike's facial expression didn't change. He was determined to take down Sally on his own. He looked at his father and said, "Now that I know Sharon is associated with Sally, I will start with her."

Soren could not comprehend what his son had in mind so he asked, "But what is your plan?"

"I will go to Greg first. After all, he is Violet's husband and Lawrence's brother-in-law. If I tell him that I am Lawrence's best friend, I'm sure Greg will tell me everything he knows," Mike told his father. It wasn't the best plan, but Greg was the first person he could think of. With Greg in mind, Mike sudd

ve when Mike said, "Dad, just one more favor. Can you spread the news that you will be retiring soon and that you have already given me the full control of our businesses?"

Soren was taken aback by what he heard from his son. Naturally, Mike was the sole heir to the businesses when Soren decided to retire. But Soren planned to discuss this matter with his son first before deciding to retire. He didn't know what to say, and all he could was to give a confused look at his son.

"Dad, you know our family's influence in this country, so I'm sure that when the news spread that a young Yu will take over the family businesses, Sally might slow down a little. It will give us more time to decode her and plan a counter-attack," Mike persuaded his father. He was so certain that Sally somehow feared their family. And if this plan worked, Sally might be caught off guard and they would have a chance in winning. All was perfectly planned in young Mike's mind. With his youthful energy and determination, Soren could only hope that they would have a chance against Sally He. Yes, they had the name and the influence, but Sally was a tricky enemy. Soren was silently praying that his son's plans would succeed and bring an end to this evil Sally– something that Jackson Chu could have done in the past.

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