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   Chapter 871 An Enemy From The Past (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-04-01 00:16

Mike could see his father holding a file in his hands. He was browsing through it- coming back to a certain page, and then turned again to the next page. He then put down the file, clasped his hands, and rested his chin on it. He was silent for a while, took a deep breathe, and finally addressed his private detectives. He asked, "So what is this person's location as we speak? Who is this person associated with right now?" Hearing this, Mike knew that this was something serious. He hadn't seen these men here for a long time, not since his father tried to look for Mike's suitable bride.

A man in black suit moved forward and replied, "From our investigation, we found out that she lives in a downtown apartment not too far from here. She lives with her friend who is also a member of the elite society."

"And who is this friend you're talking about?" Soren asked. He was interested to know who this friend was. Soren wanted to know who he was dealing with. He was a very cautious man and would not make a move unless he knew exactly the rules of the game and its players. Soren had known how this elite society worked, and he was not the easy one to just yield to any threat to his business, to his family, nor to his friends.

The man glanced at a piece of paper he was holding. After which, he folded it and returned it to his pocket. He then replied to Soren, "Sharon Qin, Fred Xiao's wife. From our surveillance, they were seen hanging out together."

"Sharon Qin?" Soren repeated as if he hadn't heard clearly. He knew Sharon Qin, but he wasn't sure if this was the right information that was being fed to him by his private detectives.

Soren was about to ask more questions when he heard footsteps approaching. He cast a sidelong glance in the direction of Mike and saw his son walk into the room. When Mike reached to his side, Soren immediately dismissed his men.

"You may leave now," he said.

"Yes, boss," the men in black replied submissively. And


"Mike, is there something that Lawrence has told you about Sally? I need all the information I could get," Soren asked his son. Finding something about Sally was challenging for Soren even with the help of his best private detectives. It wasn't easy to obtain information about this cunning woman because she was too cautious. But Lawrence must have known something about Sally from his personal experience. Anyway, Sally used to be close friends with the Chu family. Mike must have heard something from Lawrence about Sally that could be useful to Soren.

Without answering his father, Mike took the file again and sat next to his father. He read through the files and asked his father earnestly, "It said here that Sally and Sharon are connected. Are you sure about this, Dad?"

Soren's face stiffened. He looked at his son and nodded his head in affirmation. He said firmly, "I've never been this sure about anything. And I have faith in my men. They have never put me down."

"All right, Dad. If you say so," Mike reassured his father. He put the file down on the sofa and put his right hand on his father's left shoulder. Mike looked at his father then said, "Listen, Dad. I know you're affected by your best friend's death but please stay out of this matter. Let me do this for you instead."

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