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   Chapter 870 An Enemy From The Past (Part Two)

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"I didn't intend to bother you with trivial matters such as my trips, Dad. And besides, you taught me to decide for myself so I booked a ticket and took a vacation without the need to get your permission," Mike retorted. Yes, it was Soren's way of raising Mike that made him like this. Soren was always away for business trips and seldom could make time for Mike. So, his son grew away from his father having so much freedom, money to burn, and time to waste. "Besides, you could have at least asked me first before you have committed to your friend. I believe I have a say if I wanted to do it or not. Am I right, Dad?" Mike continued. "I could've said no, and you wouldn't be able to change my mind on that. Please don't make any decision on my behalf without first checking on me," Mike ended his argument politely.

'Well, he has a point, ' Soren told himself. And this is what he needed to hear from his son. He was so fed up by this favor system in the elite society circle that he didn't realize what his son would say. He gradually calmed down and admitted defeat in this argument. "You're right, son. It was a mistake to not consult you first. Go on and take a rest," Soren told Mike. "But please at least let me know where you're going next time. Or else I will break your legs and you wouldn't be able lift a toe. Do you hear me?" Soren jokingly threatened his son.

"Come on, Dad! You know better that to threaten me like that. I'm not a kid anymore," Mike confidently told his father. He stood up from the couch and pulled out something from his pocket. It was a key to his new car that his father gave to him. Before leaving the room, he put the key down on the table and said, "By the way, you can sell this car if you like. I actually like my old car more."

And Mike helped himself out of the room. Soren couldn't be any prouder of his son

sir. I'll call you in the next three hours," the man replied.

Shortly after, Mike ended the call. With the phone still in his hand, he got out of bed. 'Am I dreaming?' Mike asked himself. He couldn't believe how fast things were going. It was just a month ago when Lawrence asked him to take care of Aria, and now this had happened. But he had no time to be dreaming right now. He had to act fast. He couldn't afford to let his only best friend down. He tightened the belt of his bathrobe and put his phone in the pocket in case the man called again. 'If Lawrence was right, then Rebecca must really be a dangerous person to deal with, ' Mike thought to himself as he was getting out of his room.

Mike rushed to the dining room to have his late lunch. He was intending to meet Rebecca today but needed some time to condition his mind as to what to say to her, so he thought a light lunch would be a good way to relax his mind. After all, this was the first time that he'd be dealing with this kind of task on his own. As he was on his way, he walked past the living room. Mike didn't intend to eavesdrop but when he had a glimpse of his father's men, he got interested. He stopped so he could clearly hear what his father was saying.

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