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   Chapter 869 An Enemy From The Past (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-31 23:04

"Stop being so flippant!" Soren's voice started to intensify. He knew that his son was only playing with him, but he couldn't help raising his voice sometimes when he started to feel like losing in the argument. He was the father after all, and his son must be bound to obey him. "What are you up to lately? Why are you wasting so much time and money? You have already maxed out three of my credit cards." Soren continued, disappointed at his son's immaturity when it came to finances. He couldn't understand what Mike was doing with all the money he spent over the last weeks.

"Come on, Dad! Don't act as if I'm not your only son," Mike countered his father. Sitting on the couch next to the window with an overlooking view of the city, Mike wasn't paying so much attention to his father's homily about handling money. He grew up with money as his bed– figuratively. Being the son of one of the country's richest men, Mike didn't spend a single second thinking where their family's money came from. What Mike asked, Mike could get– this was the motto he simply lived by since he was a young boy. That was why he was still puzzled when his father chose to waste time lecturing him about spending money. "I thought all your hard work was for me?" Mike continued to tease his father about it. Being the only son, he was also the sole heir of their family's growing businesses. Mike was not the happy-go-lucky rich heir though. On the contrary, Mike was an absolutely genius in terms of business. His present attitude towards money was just to piss off his father, but when it's time for him to succeed his father, Mike could make their business grow larger. "Except for the money you need to feed your people, who else do you spend your money for aside

away?" Soren asked his son. "A month. You've been gone for a month without notice. I don't blame you for squandering. But you could have at least told me where you would go. I was worried sick of your whereabouts," Soren continued and took the last sip from his glass of champagne. He was indeed worried about his son every time Mike would wander off somewhere without telling him. Who could blame poor Soren? Having one heir to all his businesses, he always wanted to keep tabs of what Mike was up to and made sure he was safe and sound. "Last month, I agreed to do my friend a favor and told him that you would help him with this matter. I looked everywhere in the city, but you were nowhere to be found. I left you several voice messages, but I didn't get a single reply!" Soren scolded Mike. "I didn't know what to tell my friend when I asked him to call off the favor for now. I had to put my pride down that time and I almost lost a business partner," Soren continued to scold Mike. He was getting angry again, not because he'd almost lost a business partner, but at the thought that his son had little respect for him and went away without saying a thing.

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