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   Chapter 868 Mike Is Back (Part Two)

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Casually, Greg dismissed the small talk of the two men, although he heard it all. What he didn't know was that Aria was the woman in question, accused of an attempt on Rebecca's life. In his heart, Aria was an innocent, and simple country girl, who would never hurt someone else. In Greg's mind, it was far-fetched to tie Aria to an attack on anyone, let alone Rebecca.

The only thing that slightly piqued his interest was when he heard of the JC Group. It made him miss Violet, his cherished wife. How he wished she was back by his side!

Time passed by quickly, and Greg had been busy at the hospital, but he hadn't forgotten to check on Kate occasionally, as a favor to Lawrence, his brother-in-law, who had requested Greg to keep tabs on the case. Besides, heavily drugged as Kate was, Greg felt obliged to observe her with much more care. He'd rather put on hold his other work and look after Kate, whose safety was the highest priority at the moment. 'But where was Aria?' he wondered. 'It's several days now she hasn't come to check on her mom, who's still in danger and worse still, she was unreachable on the phone. Is everything OK, with the girl?' Greg's thoughts wondered even further.

In the early morning, Mike appeared at the international airport. Wearing glasses, he carried a suitcase in his hand, looking high-spirited and energetic. The moment he stepped out of the airport, a crew of his dad's subordinates waited on him. Knowing that they were here to pick him up, his spirits dropped in an instant, showing his displeasure with the idea of making a scene by dragging in many people to pick him up in public. But on second thought, he realized that his old man must have gotten mad at him for his latest carousel abroad.

In reaction, he arrogantly walked over and stood with an aloof face, not even bothering with the little courtesy of greetings.

"Young master," the four men in black suits greeted with deep respect.

"What did my father say?" Ignoring their greeting, Mike directly asked.

"Our Master requested you to go home straightaway! He's already waiting for you," one of the men replied.

"Fine, I got it. Where is my car?" asked Mike, looking rather impatient. The thought of arriving home flanked by these men wasn't something he fancied. To him, that would look like coming back under arrest, forced against his will

ere, without replying him.

These subordinates just followed Soren Yu's orders. Even if he was the young master, they didn't listen to him. Mike helplessly warned, "Fine! You are not going to leave, aren't you? Then I will go!"

He was about to leave, but he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Stand there!" Soren Yu's deep voice resounded across the living room.

At home, his father was the boss and even Mike had to stop, if so his old man commanded. There was no two ways about it!

Stopped dead in his tracks, Mike turned to look at his father.

But Soren ignored his son and turned instead to the five men standing guard. With a simple raised eyebrow, they all got what he meant. In high deference, heads bowed down, the five of them all went away in silence.

Seeing that they all left, Mike walked towards his father, sat opposite him, crossed his legs and lit up a cigar.

"Tell me, do?you?need me?for something?" Mike asked curtly.

"Do you still know that you have your father here?" Instead of replying his son's question, Soren Yu retorted. 'This brat thinks life is one long party. Other than carousel, throwing big parties and travelling whenever he wishes, he knows almost nothing else, ' the old man thought, feeling ill-at-ease with his son's wastefulness.

"Of course. This is my home and I must know that you are here!" Mike answered indifferently. He threw up his hands and went on, "Just like what happened before, you allowed the subordinates to humiliate me again dad. Why should they only listen to your orders but take me for nothing?"

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