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   Chapter 867 Mike Is Back (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 7443

Updated: 2019-03-31 01:38

Aria suddenly grabbed the policeman by the arm and asked, "When can I get out of here? I want to go out!"

She was very determined that she must go out. She couldn't stay in the place anymore!

It took the policeman a few seconds before he replied, "I will notify you when results are out! As for whether you will get out of here, I am not sure and it will depend on the legal provisions."

Saying that, the policeman pushed Aria in, locked the door and turned away.

Standing in the corner, Aria was very frightened to see the other people in the room and didn't dare to walk toward her bed.

"Come over! What are you afraid of?" A fierce and vicious woman shouted at her.

Frightened, Aria trembled at the thought of getting any closer to the woman. All her life, Aria was a free spirit, unrestrained, like a bird flying across the sky. But now she felt as if she was locked in a cage with her wings clipped. And in the cage were ferocious eagles all around her.

Aria's reluctance to step forward only made matters worse. The threatening woman snapped. Like a rabid dog, she charged directly at Aria, clutching her by the hair and forcefully pulling her away. Out of panic and pain, Aria screamed, and frantically fought to break free from her assailant's grip, but to no avail. Coldly, the woman asked, "So? Are you afraid of us? Why should you be fear of us, only to bring yourself in here, without our invitation? Or better still, why don't you find your way of escape and get the hell out of here, lady? If I were you, I'd do it faster than a scalded dog."

Under unbearable pain, Aria took a squint at the woman and clenched her teeth. "I will certainly go out. I didn't do anything wrong and I will not stay here!" she cried.

"Ahem, how funny! You didn't do anything wrong?" The woman cleared her throat in derision and sneered, "I am afraid that you don't shed tears until you see your own coffin. Let me tell you! You have rubbed Rebecca the wrong way, in addition to your heinous crimes. Don't even think of escaping out of here. Ever!"

Aria's eyes popped out, for fear and surprise to find herself surrounded by notorious women criminals. These were all hardened, merciless crooks. The kind who wou

, but was nabbed before she could actualize her plans. Currently, the culprit is being held at the police station."

"Oh, yes, I heard it, and that woman really deserved it! Regardless of her reasons for hating Rebecca, she shouldn't have pulled such a foolish move, especially in front of so many celebrities gracing the occasion. I heard that Rebecca's fans descended on the woman with such a beating she was feared dead before the police intervened."

"You are right! But even at the police station, I am afraid she might never find her way to freedom again."

"For her poor judgment, she tried to bite more than she can chew. Didn't she have an idea of how influential Rebecca is? That's a mega superstar, with huge support from the JC Group. Although she no longer works under the JC Group label, she still is in the group's good books, and her popularity only keeps growing. With that kind of fanatical fan-base, it's a death-wish for anyone to think of attacking Rebecca at such an event!"

"That woman asked for trouble and got what she deserved!"

"Anyway, enough of that woman now! See, your aunt is still in the hospital, and you should be thinking about when she'll be discharged. It costs an arm and a leg for a patient to stay here just for a day. That should be our immediate worry at the moment, instead of wasting precious time on a random suicidal woman with the nerve to attack celebrities at public events."

"You are absolutely right! Let's go!"


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