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   Chapter 866 Be In The Depths Of Despair (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-03-31 00:16

The reporters and the journalists already had an assumption that Rebecca was poisoned. Now, with the doctor's confirmation, they firmly believed that Aria Liu really had the intention to kill Rebecca.

Rebecca was indeed an award-winning actress. In front of the cameras, she seemed to be very calm when she spoke, "I'll take legal actions to hold Aria Liu accountable. I won't let her get away with this. I am merciful but it seems that my kindness makes some people bolder. I have participated in so many social events and I have been nice to everyone. But if I let her go this time, I don't know how many people will be like her and try to hurt me in the future."

Tears were rolling down her face while she was speaking. She then continued, "I have worked hard to be who I am today. I know some people are jealous of me and they even hate me because they think that I don't deserve to be a famous star and gain fame. But I don't think so. I become famous because of my own efforts and my conscience is clear. I can let go of those who curse me, but I can't forgive those who hurt me easily. They have harmed me and I have to protect myself."

Everyone in the room nodded their heads in agreement to what she had just said. When they saw the tears on her face, the reporters and the journalists hesitated to ask tough questions. They could feel that Rebecca was a bit weak and emotional right now. Eventually, she succeeded in getting the people's sympathy. She looked so weak that people just wanted to like and protect her.

After a while, the media and her agent left. The doctor gave some instructions to her assistant first before he left as well. The assistant took note of everything that the doctor said.

Only Rebecca and the assistant were left in the room.

Rebecca immediately sat up and asked her assistant, "How is Aria Liu now?"

The assistant's eyes were suddenly fi

ca and her doctor confirmed it, and Rebecca's fans online where all bad-mouthing Aria Liu. She should be punished or else, the fans would not let her go. And since Aria Liu didn't have any witnesses at all, her words turned out to be weak and dubious.

Since the three policemen just ignored her, Aria Liu couldn't say anything anymore. She was very anxious but she had no one to turn to.

Two of the policemen walked out of the office. The one who stayed with Aria Liu said, "Let's go, I'll show you to your cell."

Aria Liu felt extremely terrified as she followed the policeman. The place looked very scary for her. There were no fences but the whole room was quite dark. There were only a few windows but they were very high that no one could see outside. Staying in this place would make someone feel being trapped.

The policeman opened the door and turned to Aria Liu, "There is a spare bed at the corner. You can sleep there. It's Bed No. 8. If I have more question, I will come here and ask you."

Aria looked around and she found out that there were five women in there. Some were wearing their own clothes while some were wearing a prison's uniform. Their blank stares and unusual behaviors terrified Aria Liu. She felt like she was in hell.

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