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   Chapter 864 Poisoned (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5765

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"Of course. Even though we are not the ones assigned to her, we can still see her on stage," answered the other one.

"I guess she put on a heavy makeup. Celebrities always put on a lot of makeup during events like this," one assumed.

"Even so, we can still see her features," the other one countered.

When she heard the two whispering to each other, she thought they were also Rebecca's fans.

However, she wasn't really interested in their conversation. She just felt happy that she was going to see her idol.

"You three over there, get ready. It's your turn," a man's yell reached their ears. The three of them stood straight and behaved humbly. After having a training yesterday, they already knew their work assignment and the proper conduct required.

Aria Liu wore a warm smile on her face. She stood straight and carried a tray with a glass of wine in her both hands. One of the staff gave the liquor to her.

"Now, let's welcome our guests on the stage to start our ribbon-cutting ceremony. May I call on our dearest CEO, our general manger, and the famous star Rebecca," the host announced.

Thunderous applause broke out. Rebecca went up the stage and stood at the center. Two men in black suits followed and stood on her both sides. They exchanged diplomatic smiles and picked up the scissors on the trays that the waitresses brought to them. Then they cut the ribbons simultaneously. When they put the scissors back on the trays, the waitresses took their leave.

After that, the three waitresses came up the stage with trays of wine on their hands.

Rebecca leered at the three waitresses and finally rested her eyes on the girl at the middle. 'She must be Aria Liu, ' she speculated.

ds with furrowed brows. Although she was only acting, the medicine she took earlier was already giving her so much pain.

She already knew that the alcohol would trigger the effect of the medicine. She even took three pills at the same time. She felt so bad that she seemed not to be acting anymore. Her face twisted in anguish.

The media pointed their cameras at Rebecca to closely capture her expressions.

"Uncomfortable?" the assistant reiterated. "Why would you fall ill after drinking the wine? Does it have something to do with the wine?" she asked loudly on purpose.

When he heard the assistant's assumption, the CEO opened his mouth to speak. "She was looking good before she drank the wine. What's going on?" he asked with concern, looking down at Rebecca in his arms.

"It must have something to do with the wine," the assistant exclaimed with certainty.

She then glanced around to look for the three waitresses who served the wine earlier.

All the reporters moved their cameras to look for the suspects as well.

Aria Liu was dumbfounded as she stood still. 'What's going on? I didn't do anything wrong, ' she mused.

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