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   Chapter 863 Poisoned (Part One)

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"Why?" Sharon asked, confounded. She couldn't really understand what Sally said.

"If Mike hadn't gone abroad, I wouldn't have made the move. I know that he is difficult to deal with. The Yu family has eyes and influence all over the world. They are even connected with the biggest mercenary group in Israel. So if the Yu family gets their hands in this, it would be difficult for me to take my revenge," Sally explained.

Without waiting for Sharon's response, she went on, "Looks like I underestimated Lawrence's relationship with Mike. When Lawrence left this place, Mike also doesn't want to stay here. They are good friends indeed."

"What if Mike intervenes if we do something to Lawrence?" Sharon asked apprehensively. Sally also felt a bit worried when she heard Sharon's remark. She contemplated for a moment.

After a moment of silence, Sally spoke up with a scowl, "You're right. Mike is a problem. However, I haven't planned anything to handle him."

Sharon added, "The Yu family has always been mysterious. I also don't know how to deal with them." A resigned expression showed on her face.

"For now, Mike is not our main concern. We need to focus on Aria and her mother," Sally said, trying to drop the topic.

"Well, you're right. These two are our main targets," Sharon agreed. "We were able to drug Kate without getting into any trouble but she was saved. It's so annoying to know that she is still alive," she continued.

Sally didn't say anything.

She fell silent for a while. Then she said, "We can never tell what will happen in the future so I suggest, let's just play it by ear." She looked ahead with her deep eyes.

In the grand ceremony.

There were

r mother's surgery was successful, she got a part-time job with a high pay, she met the man she loved, and this time she would be meeting a pop star. She thought she was really lucky.

She looked at the sky and held a deep breath. She told herself to stay strong and brave. She was already lucky enough so she should cherish everything. Her next goal was to be a good girlfriend to Lawrence. As she thought about him, she suddenly wondered what he could be doing abroad right now. 'Did his sister have a successful surgery?' she wondered.

After a short trance, she came back to the real world. She adjusted her mood and went back to work.

As the music and applause sounded, the ceremony officially started. One of the sponsors gave an opening remarks then the emcee announced the commencement of the ribbon-cutting.

Aria Liu who was standing at the backstage got rattled. Her heart beat rapidly at the thought of going up the stage to serve the wine. She couldn't help but feel anxious.

The two waitresses beside her looked slightly nervous too.

"Do you think we can take a closer look at Rebecca?" one girl asked.

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