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   Chapter 861 The Mysterious Enemy (Part Four)

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Updated: 2019-03-30 00:16

Aria arrived at the hospital. She paid the cab driver and didn't bother to wait for the change. She rushed to the nurse station and asked where her mother was. The nurse told her the operating room number and Aria rushed towards there.

Her mind was blank but her emotions were full. She arrived at the operating room door and wanted to see her mother. She was about to go inside the operating room but a nurse stopped her.

The nurse said, "Miss, you can't just go in there. Please wait in the waiting area."

Aria followed the nurse's instruction and stopped. But she started asking questions. "Can you at least tell me what happened to my mother? How is she now? Why did this happen?" She had millions of questions that she wanted to be answered. She didn't know why this happened. She left her mother well and sound this morning but all of a sudden she was in a brink of death. She felt guilty for leaving her. She totally forgot about the interview and her job offer. Aria didn't know she was crying. She didn't feel her tears running down on her cheeks.

The nurse couldn't answer her questions and tried to calm her down. "I don't know yet, Miss. Kindly wait for the doctors to finish what they are doing first and then we'll know."

Aria remembered Greg, Lawrence friend, to whom her mother was entrusted to. She asked the nurse, "Where is Dr. Greg? Is he here?"

She wanted to see Lawrence but he wasn't around. The only familiar face she had in this place aside from her mother was Greg. Aria believed that Greg knew what happened and could at least tell her.

That nurse confirmed that Greg was also in the emergency room and the best doctors were seeing her mother.

After hearing this, Aria started to calm down. Having Greg in the operating room with her mother made Aria less worried. She knew that Greg would do anything to save her mother. She trusted Greg because Lawrence trusted him.

Seeing that Aria calmed down, the nurse said, "Ple

why Kate? Why would someone powerful like that ever want a poor person like Kate to die?'

Greg was already in a deep thought. The doctor noticed this and respected her boss so she left him alone and went back to the patient to get more details.

An idea snapped into Greg's mind. He might be mistaken but all possibilities must be checked. And if he was right, this might be related to Lawrence. It was Lawrence who asked him to take care of Kate. If that someone wanted to get even with Lawrence and found out about this, they would attack Kate instead of Lawrence. The old lady was an easy target. And it made sense. Lawrence was a big shot guy in this country and mostly the target for harm. Greg might know someone who could bring a poison as strong as this inside the country undetected.

Greg looked at Kate again. He saw the old lady struggling for her life. He felt guilty for letting this happen to Kate. He put his right hand on his chest as if trying to talk to Lawrence through his mind. 'Lawrence, this new enemy of yours must be powerful and influential to bring this kind of harm. I won't usually mingle with this kind of trouble but it happened in my house and under my watch so I won't stand back. I will fight this fight with you and I'll make sure we'll win.' Greg said in his thought.

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