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   Chapter 860 The Mysterious Enemy (Part Three)

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Aria waited patiently and practiced some basic interview questions in her head. She was called in an after a few minutes. She met with a lady who asked for a copy of her resume. The lady scanned it and asked her a few questions. Aria was nervous but she was able to confidently answered everything - she thought. The interview only took 30 minutes and she was asked to wait outside again just like the other candidates. Aria left the room praying that she would get the job. Seeing that there were so many other candidates that day, she almost lost hope. She was thinking of leaving until a lady in a business suit came out with a paper. A list perhaps, Aria was thinking. 'Well, this must be it. This must be the end for me.'

After checking her list, the lady lifted her head and said, "After our deliberation, we concluded that all of you passed the interview and would move on to the job offer. You are all expected to attend a training at 8:00 in the morning the day after tomorrow. It will be for a whole day and you will be paid. In total, you will be paid the rate of equivalent to four days - one day for training and three days on the actual exhibition. Hope all is clear. Anyway, further details will be discussed on your formal job offer." The lady glanced over all the candidates, waiting for some questions. When none was raised, she glanced over Aria and directly told her, "You can go home now. Don't be late be for the training schedule."

Aria smiled and nodded at the lady. She watched the lady as she walked back to the room. Aria headed to the job offer, signed a contract, and left the building. As she was coming out of the building, she saw that it was still early. She could still head to the market to pick something for her mother's meal the next day.

Aria walked her way to the bus stop. She was so hap

's life. There were instructions being passed around among the doctors and nurses, but all Greg could hear was the beeping of the monitor device attached to the patient's body. It was as if all other noises were cancelled out.

Greg was anxious. 'They must save her no matter what it costs, ' he thought to himself. He was praying hard. Kate must be saved and there's no way he could let her die. Or else, Greg didn't know what Lawrence would do. His friend entrusted Kate's life to him and he must save her. He didn't know how he could explain this to Lawrence. Kate was in his hospital's care when this happened which could only mean that she was neglected. He couldn't let this patient die, he couldn't let Lawrence down. He promised Lawrence that he would take good care of Kate.

Gathered in the emergency room were the best doctors at XS Hospital. Some were taking a day off but was called in to attend to the patient. Greg requested them to save Kate and do whatever they could to heal her. It was the first time that this had happened to the hospital that all the best doctors were present for one patient. But Greg had to pull this string because he promised Lawrence and he would do everything to keep that.

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