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   Chapter 859 The Mysterious Enemy (Part Two)

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'Who could this be calling me right now?' Aria asked herself. She wasn't sure if she should answer besides she didn't even know who it could be. 'Silly girl! How would you know if you won't answer?' Aria sarcastically scolded herself in her mind. She looked at in once again, cleared her throat, and finally answered.

Aria politely said to the person on the other line, "Hello. Who is this?"

"Hello, am I speaking to Miss Aria?" the person from the other line said. Aria could tell that it was a woman by the gentle voice. She didn't know any woman who might be calling her with an unknown number.

Aria replied, "Yes, this is her. Sorry, who's calling?"

Aria could sense that the woman smiled knowing that she had called the correct number. Then the woman continued, "Well, this is YS agency. I believe you have applied with us for a part time position a month ago. I'd like to let you know that the position has not yet been filled so if you're still interested, we'd like to invite you for an interview. As you know, this is a project-based part time job for the upcoming business exhibition this season. You'll be working 6 hours a day for 3, 000 dollars per hour. So, are you still looking for a job?" Aria did apply for a part time job but she didn't remember what it was for. The woman on the other line spoke fluently and did not stutter so it seemed a legitimate work. Besides, the exhibition was a big thing for the city and they would surely need staffs and support for the event.

Aria was stunned at the hourly rate the woman was offering so she repeated to confirm, "Sorry, you said 3, 000?" It was an unbelievable offer in Aria's opinion. She had done many part time jobs before but none offered hourly rate as high as this. The highest one could get from a part time job was 30 per hour. But then again, Aria remembered that the job was for the business exhibition and surely, the big multinational compa

think I'm qualified for that, ' Aria convinced herself. Alas, she reached her mother's room. Before she turned the door knob to open the door, her phone vibrated. She got it out of her bag and checked. One message received, the screen showed. She finally received the address for the job interview. Aria wore her brightest smile ever.

Late that afternoon, Aria who was wearing her best business formal attire arrived in the building where her job interview was. She went to the lobby and inquired with the receptionist. The receptionist asked for her ID and Aria gave it to her. Aria was given a building ID and was instructed to take the elevator to the left. Aria went to the elevator area, hopped in as the elevator door opened, and pressed the floor number. She was getting a little nervous as the elevator went up but she tried to calm herself. As she was about to reach the floor, she fixed herself, practicing her smile. The elevator door opened and she stepped out. She saw a long queue of possible candidates sitting in the waiting area. She headed for the receptionist again, mentioned that she was scheduled for the interview and the receptionist gave her the application form to fill out. After she filled that out, she gave it back and was asked to wait to be called.

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