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   Chapter 858 The Mysterious Enemy (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5928

Updated: 2019-03-29 04:34

Seeing the smile traced in Rebecca's face, Sally felt glorious. She had never felt this good for a long time. And making Rebecca this happy would bring her more better opportunities in the future.

Rebecca looked at the small piece of paper one last time and smiled before she put it in inside her luxury handbag. She lift up her cup of tea, took a sip, and put it down again. She looked at Sally and said, "Thank you for this valuable information. I know what I have to do now." Rebecca knew this time that she would succeed in the taking revenge to Aria Liu.

Sally replied, "You're welcome. I'm looking forward to your victory." And Rebecca left the room. Sally watched as the young lady helped herself out. She was overwhelmed by her last visitor. She knew something was up and she was looking forward to that.


It was a windy morning and the sun was shining just right that it wasn't too hot or too gloomy. This was indeed a perfect day if one would describe it. But it wasn't an ordinary day for Rebecca. It was her momentous day and the perfect weather made it more marvelous. Rebecca was everywhere, figuratively. Her photos were in every newspaper, magazines, and social media posts. Her pictures and video footage could be seen on the television news from morning until night. She instantly became a household name and most citizens, if not all, knew about Rebecca's latest appearance. From word of mouth to the accurate news, it was reported the pretty and perfect Rebecca would participate in a ribbon-cutting ceremony of multinational firm's business exhibition. The event was said to showcase many famous celebrities and personalities from different industries - showbiz, business, government, and the society's elites. It was named as one of the bigg

s a paradise for Aria. She enjoyed this time out of her busy routine as this was the only time she could see something different from her routine. People jogging and taking a walk with their dogs, families having picnic, and children playing in the park were some of the scenes that Aria loved. She took a slow, relax walk through the park until she could see the hospital tower. She smiled at the sight of the hospital and the thought of seeing her mother again.

It was a change in ambiance. The fresh grass smell of the park was long gone. Aria could now smell the familiar scent of the hospital. It was embedded in her memory like the back of her hand. Well, she had been here almost everyday for three months. She almost reached the building, but before she could enter, the phone in her bag rang.

She didn't want to answer it, but decided to just look at who the caller could be. With her left hand holding the chicken soup, she utilized her right hand to reach for her phone inside her bag. "This bag is a mess," Aria mumbled as she rummage through her things to find her phone. Alas, her hand found it. She took it out and saw that the call was from an unknown number.

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