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   Chapter 857 The Best Time For Vengeance (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-03-29 04:34

"Which hotel is this? Who is the woman in these pictures? What is her relationship to Lawrence?" Rebecca bombarded Sally with questions. And she was demanding for answers. The most important thing for her was to know Lawrence's relationship with this woman.

"Are you surprised? You never expected that a self-disciplined Lawrence would go to a hotel with a woman, right?" Sally asked in mockery. "Although this woman seems to know nothing about fashion, she is still good looking. She may even look more beautiful than you if both of you will not put on any makeup," Sally said deliberately to arouse Rebecca's jealousy and anger. This was the only way that she could get what she wanted.

"What's going on between the two of them? Tell me everything," Rebecca demanded. She was slowly losing control of her emotions. "You have already seen the photos. Now tell me, what are you going to do?" Sally asked calmly.

She wanted to know Rebecca's real thoughts. She knew that Rebecca had already given in to her feelings.

"I will make sure that this woman stays away from Lawrence," Rebecca replied in clenched teeth. "I thought all the while that Lawrence had a thing for Ivy. It turns out, he's just using Ivy as a distraction. The woman in these pictures is the one that he really likes."

Since Sally was satisfied with Rebecca's reply, she decided to tell her more about Aria Liu.

"This woman in the pictures is Aria Liu. Lawrence met her when he was on a blind date with Mary Han. I don't know what Aria did to Lawrence but he left Mary Han and went to the hotel room with her. They entered the room in the evening and left the next morning. I'm sure you can already imagine what could happen between them for that whole night," Sally recounted as if she was telling a fairy t

ost her confidence.

Sally's remarks made Rebecca contemplate a lot. Sally had a point. She knew Lawrence very well. Once he learned that she did something to Aria, he would surely blame her and worst, would not let her go. She had already learned a lesson from the recent termination of her contract with the JC Group. So she should think of a better plan. She needed a scheme that could not give Lawrence an idea to implicate her.

"Do you have any better ideas?" Rebecca turned to Sally and asked immediately. She had no other choice but to turn to Sally for help.

Rebecca wasn't aware that it was actually what Sally was expecting to hear. She deliberately triggered Rebecca's feeling towards Lawrence so she would collaborate with her. So she immediately offered a suggestion, "Lawrence is currently not in the city. That means, no one can protect Aria. If she gets into trouble, he may not be able to come to her rescue in time. It's a good chance for you. You are a celebrity and you have lots of fans. If you use the pressure of the public opinion to attack her, her reputation will easily be destroyed."

As she heard Sally's suggestion, Rebecca's mood lit up all of a sudden.

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