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   Chapter 856 The Best Time For Vengeance (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-29 00:16

At Starbucks Coffee.

Sally was the only customer inside. She actually booked the whole coffee shop so no other customers or staff would interrupt her this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Rebecca drove to the rendezvous on time. After she stopped her car outside the coffee shop, she put on her sunglasses that could cover half of her face. When she got out of the car, she glanced around. To her surprise, there was only a LaFerrari hybrid supercar in the nearby parking lot.

Rebecca was a little worried. 'Should I meet this woman? Who is she? Looks like she isn't just an ordinary person, ' she thought with so much hesitations.

Eventually, she decided to meet the mysterious woman. She took a deep breath before she held her fashionable handbag tightly and walked towards the coffee shop. Her four-inch stiletto was making a noise in her every brisk step.

As she entered the shop, she slowed down and paused. She looked around and finally landed her eyes on a woman in a camel duster coat. Even though the woman was far from her, she could clearly see her face. There was no one else inside the coffee shop except for that woman who looked very graceful in Rebecca's eyes. 'Is she the one I'm going to meet?' she wondered.

"Miss Rebecca, you are very on time," Sally greeted her with a smile. She then motioned her to sit down, and invited, "Have a seat, please."

When Rebecca heard Sally's words, she became certain that this woman was the one she was going to meet. 'It's her, ' she thought.

Rebecca made her way to Sally and sat across from her.

"Hello, you may call me Ms. He," Sally introduced herself. She thought that there was no need to tell Rebecca more about her.

"So what is it?" Rebecca directly asked. "What happened to Lawrence?" She didn't intend to waste her time on a

round the bush. She took out some photos from her bag and spread them on the table.

"Take a look and you will be surprised," Sally said as she peered at the window. She could already guess Rebecca's expression even without looking at her.

Out of curiosity, Rebecca picked up the pictures on the table one by one.

She took a close look at each picture and a hint of shock registered on her face as she recognized that the man in those photos was Lawrence.

"Where... Where did you get these?" Rebecca asked as she looked up at Sally. She gave her an inquiring look.

"I got these from a detective," Sally replied.

Rebecca still couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Are you sure that these pictures were not morphed?" she asked in disbelief. She still couldn't take her eyes away from the pictures.

"I booked this whole coffee shop just for our meeting. Do you think I will use some fake photos and fool around?" Sally countered, feeling miffed. She thought that Rebecca was such a foolish woman. "Do you think I'll come here just to show off some useless information?" she continued.

Eventually, Rebecca was convinced by Sally's words. 'Looks like she isn't lying, ' she thought.

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