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   Chapter 855 A Mysterious Caller (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-03-29 00:06

Putting her phone near her ear, she asked quickly, "Who on the earth are you and what do you want from me? What do you want? Tell me quickly."

"I just want to meet you and share something about Lawrence. Something interesting has happened in his life. I thought you might feel interested to know this piece of information," Sally answered, attempting to arouse Rebecca's interest in the discussion.

"I need to know your name first before believing anything that you say," Rebecca insisted. She had received many threatening phone calls ever since she had become famous. That was why she became extra careful and cautious.

"Believe it or not, I can provide all the information on Lawrence to you," Sally answered curtly without making an attempt to waste any time on the topic. She changed the subject and said, "You must be sulking because of Lawrence, I believe. He left the city without even telling you. Do you want to know where he is right now?"

"Who the hell are you and how do you know so many things about Lawrence? What else do you know about me?" Rebecca asked, her suspicions increasing every moment. 'It has been years since I have dated Lawrence. Even our classmates were ignorant of our relationship. Who is this woman? I can tell by her voice that she isn't my classmate, ' she pondered.

"Miss Rebecca, I know that you are a very famous star. But I'm not your fan," Sally replied, "I will meet you at the Starbucks on the Chenxi Road at 4:00 pm this afternoon. If you don't come, be sure that you will lose Lawrence forever."

She stressed the last sentence to evoke a strong response. In fact, she was certain that Rebecca would now show up. Lawrence meant a lot to her. Even though she had been in the show business for years and become quite smart, she was still a common woman who craved for a romantic relati

" Kate asked, fixing her eyes on her daughter.

"I'm telling you the truth," Aria replied, as she perched herself on the edge of the bed.

With her eyes still glued on Aria, Kate took her by the hand. "Aria, although we are poor, I hope you are able to find your own happiness. When I am released from the hospital, I will find another job. You can get a boyfriend. If you think he is a good man, you two can get married. You should consider your marriage," she said in a motherly tone.

"I never thought about it," Aria lowered her head, not daring to meet her mother's gaze. She was still thinking of Lawrence.

"You should start considering about getting settled. You should hurry up now. If that guy really loves you, I will agree to your marriage," Kate cooed, "He must treat you well. It doesn't matter whether he is very rich or not. I just hope that he and his family can take good care of you."

"Come on, Mom. You are being too sentimental," Aria retorted with a flush on her face. Handing her mother a glass of water, she continued, "Drink some water. The doctor said that you need to drink more water"

Kate understood that her daughter was dodging her question. "You are a naughty child!" she said.

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