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   Chapter 854 A Mysterious Caller (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-29 00:03

"She can be of help for us," Sally said frankly, "We don't have to do everything ourselves."

"Well, I don't understand what you are trying to say," Sharon replied, feeling bewildered with the turn of events. 'What's her plan?' she wondered in her mind.

Noting Sharon's baffled expression, Sally tried to explain things to her. She said, "According to what we have found out, Rebecca and Lawrence were classmates and she wanted to be a part of his life. But now she has been forced to terminate her contract with the JC Group in advance. This is fishy, and I guess Lawrence could be behind all this. If we inform her that Lawrence is dating Aria, what do you think she will do?"

Thinking about Sally's question, Sharon replied, "Rebecca loves Lawrence, so she will not let Aria win his love at any cost. If they both fight, I am quite sure Rebecca will emerge as a winner," she analyzed.

A smirk emerged on Sharon's face. She really wanted to see Lawrence in trouble.

"Rebecca has been in the show business for years. She had to struggle a lot to reach this position. She wouldn't have been here if she wasn't a smart woman," Sally said musingly. 'I have full confidence in her abilities. All I have to do is to incite Rebecca's anger and encourage her to win her love back. Then I can see the number of problems that would arise in Lawrence's life.'

"What a brilliant idea! Why didn't I think about this before?" Sharon murmured, as she realized the extent of what Sally was planning. "Once we have let Rebecca take care of Aria, we won't even need to get our hands dirty in this mess. We can just stand by and watch. In the end, Aria and even her sick mother might also face

and found that it was from a stranger. She didn't intend to answer the phone at all. After a thought, she decided to pick it up just in case it was an important call.

"Hello," Rebecca answered.

"Is that Rebecca Lin I am speaking with?" Sally asked from the other end of the line.

"Who are you?" Rebecca asked, her patience slowly finishing off. 'How come she knows my phone number? Only a few people whom I trust know this number. Moreover, how does she know my name?' she was bombarded with a ton of questions in her mind.

"It doesn't matter who I am and what I want. I think you might be interested in the topic I am going to talk about," Sally replied coldly. She had no intention of telling her who she was.

"Have you lost your senses? You psychopath!" Rebecca scolded her, as she mistook Sally for one of her crazy fans. Just as she was about to end the call, the woman's voice sounded from the other line.

"If I am not wrong, you know Lawrence Chu, don't you?" Sally asked casually.

Rebecca's finger froze over the screen. She was taken aback when she heard Lawrence's name being taken so casually.

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