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   Chapter 853 Change Of Plan (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6416

Updated: 2019-03-28 22:17

But before she reached the door knob, Sharon and Sally heard a voice.

"What are you doing here?" Greg asked with a scowl, landing his gaze on Sharon. He stood not far from them, wondering the identity of the woman beside his stepmother.

Caught unprepared, Sharon withdrew her hand immediately. She turned around to see Greg. Overwhelmed by dread, she instinctively took several steps backwards.

Taking notice of Sharon's reaction, Sally followed her gaze and saw Greg. 'Isn't that Fred Xao's son who got married to Violet Chu? A doctor with a stellar record in the practice under his belt. Recently, he returned from abroad to take over at the helm of the XS Hospital, ' she assumed, keenly surveying the young man.

"Greg, umm, well..." the panic-stricken Sharon faltered, unable to find an excuse for her presence on the premises.

Curious to know what was happening, Greg came forward and paused in front of Sharon and Sally. He sized up the latter, judging secretly. 'As far I saw, she is older than my Aunt. And by her dressing, I can tell she's quite above the salt.'

"Is this your friend, Aunt?" Greg asked in a more polite manner than usual. The unfolding scene felt surreal. A discernible fluster crossed Sharon's face, but the elegant woman by her side remained graceful and calm. There was a glaring difference between the two and Greg had a hunch that there was something more to the mysterious woman.

"Oh, yeah, she is," Sharon replied incoherently. After composing herself, she made introductions for the two, "Greg, meet my friend. You can call her Aunt."

In response to the introduction, Greg nodded at Sally. "Nice to meet you," he politely greeted.

Without saying a word, Sally nodded back at him. She then turned around and walked away.

Seeing that Sally left, Sharon didn't know what to do. She needed to give Greg a reasonable excuse for her coming here, she thought.


ething sinister. The quizzical stare he gave us was enough to tell. But..." Sally responded with a glimmer in her eyes, "I got another idea."

Already she had devised a fall-back plan. Even though she miserably failed today, she was determined to hatch another scheme. Before going to the hospital, she had racked her brains to find a way to take revenge on Lawrence and the Chu family in person. Now she planned use someone else to achieve her revenge. That way, she could easily steer clear of trouble, without even the slightest hint of suspicion on her heels.

"Oh yeah?" Sharon felt slightly amazed. With a confused look, she continued, "What is it?"

Sally shifted her gaze to look at Sharon. "Who are the most popular female stars in the country?" she asked, her lips curving into a wicked smile.

"Karen Zhang, Laura Qu, Rebecca Lin..." Sharon answered. After giving several names, she thought of something.

"We can use Rebecca Lin," Sally said firmly.

"Rebecca Lin? What can she do for us?" Sharon asked, confounded. After a thought, she advised apprehensively, "We'd better not get her involved in this. She is a celebrity with a knack for drama, and the paparazzi have a thing for for antics. If they sniff-out our plan, we will be in for real trouble."

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