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   Chapter 851 Next Goal (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 4650

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"Okay," Alice replied.

Then the two left the airport.

In a high-end and luxury residential area at the center of the city, there was an apartment that stood out because of its noble decoration and European style. Inside this apartment were two elegant women.

Sharon walked to Sally with two cups of coffee in her hands. She then gave one cup to Sally who was sitting on the sofa.

Sally elegantly said, "Thank you." Then she put the coffee on the table.

Now that she was older, there were already wrinkles under her eyes and her skin was not as smooth as before. Only her clothes and accessories remained as expensive as it used to be. The brand of her clothes was obviously world-renowned. There was an emerald bracelet hanging on her left wrist and a ring in her right index finger. Although these jewelries looked common, they could give a special kind of feeling to someone who would wear them. Her hair was also very stylish.

Sally looked at Sharon who sat down in front of her and asked, "Is this news certain?" Sally felt that this woman in front of her was more beautiful but not as smart as her. However, she was enough to be her friend.

Sharon replied, "Yes. Lawrence has left. My people saw it with their own eyes so I'm sure of it."

Sally smiled upon hearing Sharon's confirmation. Then she asked another question, "Have you clarified what really happened in

rritated so she yelled, "If you don't know, then shut up! Why do you think they could just casually give the JC Group to other people? Do you know whom the company belonged to before the Chu Clan?"

Sharon was puzzled so she asked, "Whom?" "It was Stephen An's property," Sally replied.

Then, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in her mind.

"Stephen An?" Sharon repeated. She tried to remember if she had any memories of this man but she failed. So she sighed and said, "I don't know him."

Sally just ignored her words. She didn't intend to tell her anything about Stephen. She thought that Sharon didn't need to know all these things. All she needed to do was to follow whatever she was told to do so.

After a short silence, Sally asked again, "Since Lawrence isn't with Gabe's daughter, is he with Aria Liu?" "Yes, I think so,"

Sharon agreed.

"Then, our next goal is Aria." Sally said with conviction.

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