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   Chapter 850 Next Goal (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 7019

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At the Chu Family's villa.

The moment Lawrence reached home, he saw Mike sitting leisurely on the sofa while playing on his phone.

When Lily saw Lawrence, she walked to him and greeted him politely, "Mr. Lawrence, you're home."

"Yes. Have you packed everything I need?" Lawrence asked. "Yes, Mr. Lawrence. I've already packed your suitcase," Lily replied.

"Okay, that's good. You can go back to your work now," Lawrence said.

Then he walked to the living room where Mike was sitting.

Mike was playing a mobile game. When he saw Lawrence sat in front of him, he asked, "Dude, tell me honestly, where were you yesterday? I've asked Lily and she told me you didn't come home last night."

"It's nothing important," Lawrence replied. He then took the document on the coffee table and checked. He found that the information was all complete.

Mike peered at Lawrence and said, "I suspect that you're gonna do something that's not decent."

However, Lawrence ignored his words. Instead, he said to him, "I'll be gone for a couple of days. What's your plan?"

Mike put his phone aside and thought for a moment. Then he told Lawrence in a serious tone, "Since you won't be here, I want to have a rest. Maybe I'll travel abroad."

"When will you leave?" Lawrence asked. "A week later," Mike answered.

He felt that Lawrence wanted to tell him something so he asked, "What's wrong?"

Lawrence looked at Mike and said, "I need your help to take care of someone."

"Someone? Who?" Mike asked. He was astonished because as far as he knew, all of Lawrence's loved ones were in Hong Kong. He didn't have any idea who would he be looking after.

"Aria Liu," Lawrence answered at once.

'Aria Liu?' Mike thought. It was a girl's name. He was confused. "Who is she?" Mike confusedly asked.

Lawrence didn't intend to hide anything from Mike so he simply replied, "My woman." Anyway, if he didn't tell him now, he would still eventually tell him in the future. So he decided to tell him as early as now.

"Oh," Mike said almost in a whisper. He seemed to have already understoo

e me an update on Violet's situation," Alice reminded him. She wanted to know the updates on Violet's treatment.

"I will," Lawrence replied.

At this moment, the airport announced that all passengers must board the plane now so Mike said, "All right, Lawrence, you should go now. It's time."

Lawrence turned his back to go to the security area. Mike and Alice felt miserable while watching his receding figure.

"Mike, do you think Violet will be all right?" Alice asked after Lawrence was out of their sight. She was still worried. After all, a cosmetic surgery was risky that it could possibly fail.

"She will be fine," Mike replied with confidence. "Don't you believe in Greg's expertise?"

Alice quickly nodded her head and replied, "Of course, I do." She truly trusted Greg's capabilities.

Mike asked again, "Do you believe in Lawrence?" "Yes, I do," Alice replied at once.

"Then, you don't need to worry. Violet will be fine," Mike reassured Alice.

"And you know what?" Mike seemed to remember something. "For many years of being with Lawrence, I have already drawn a conclusion that he never fails in everything."

Alice suddenly felt confident so she said, "Well, I think you're right. I also feel that Lawrence is like a God to all of us."

Mike agreed, "That's right." He patted Alice on the shoulder and said, "Let's go. I'll treat you to lunch. Call Tim."

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