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   Chapter 849 Leaving For Hong Kong (Part Two)

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Aria blushed as she lowered her head. She wanted him to leave her hand, but in her heart, she liked the feeling of being close to Lawrence with no one to disturb them.

When they arrived at the underground parking lot of a five-star hotel, Lawrence grasped Aria's hand tightly and got off the car.

Aria kept silent and she lowered her head while Lawrence led her to the elevator. She knew what the place was and she was also clear what Lawrence's intentions were.

After they had walked out of the elevator, they stopped in front of a room where a waiter had already been there waiting for them. It looked as if everything had been planned in advance.

"Mr. Lawrence, this is your room card," said the waiter, as he handed the card to him and then left.

Lawrence didn't say a word more and opened the door by the card and quickly pulled Aria inside the room.

The moment the door was closed, Lawrence did not waste any time and kissed her tightly on the lips. It seemed he was waiting for this moment since long and did not want to waste his time.

"Eh-hem!" Aria struggled and tried to push Lawrence away. She was totally unprepared and Lawrence had suddenly pounced on her without giving her a chance to save herself.

However, her struggle aroused Lawrence's desire more and he wouldn't let go of her. His passion had overpowered all his senses and nothing could stop him from making love to her that night.

His kiss was so passionate that Aria was completely immersed in the beautiful feeling. Still kissing each other, they moved?towards the bed.

It was already 4 o'clock in the morning and the room was still filled with the scent of their passionate love. Their clothes were scattered all over the floor and only the bed lamp was on in the huge room.

Feeling satisfied by now, Lawrence held up her head with his hand and looked at the sleeping girl beside him. The sight of her brought a smile on his face.

He had no idea why he had got attracted to this plain girl. His feelings had gone for a toss and whenever he would see her he just wanted to make love to her. This was strange! To be very true, she could at the most be called lovely, but she was n

Noticing the look of disappointment on Aria's face, Lawrence caressed her cheek and fondled her hair back to her ear, saying, "I may not be with you for some time, dear."

Though Lawrence was very tender, a feeling of being left out still rose in Aria's heart. She had just opened her heart to him and now he was going away. There was a sudden pain in her heart which left Aria confused.

"Well, when... when will you be back?" Aria asked in a low voice. She pretended not to look in his eyes and played with the buttons on his shirt.

"I don't know yet," Lawrence told her the truth.

He then held her more tightly as if he was trying to feel her breath, her smell, and scent.

"When I am not here, you can ask Mike or Greg for help if anything happens, okay?" Lawrence didn't expect that he would get so attached to this girl that he would want to take care of her like this. He wanted her to be protected from all evils of the world.

"Okay, I will," Aria responded.

"And, remember, you are mine and so you are not allowed to have anything to do with other men!" Lawrence said sternly as if he was giving an order to her.

"Okay," Aria agreed with a nod. In her heart, she loved this haughty and bossy Lawrence who treated her as if she was his property that no one could touch. This indirectly gave her a sense of security. She could feel her heart was at ease when she was with him and she knew she could trust and depend on him.

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