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   Chapter 846 Meet Again (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 7087

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Lawrence knew that he was in big trouble now because his Aunt Selina was being a big wet hen.

"Aunt Selina," Lawrence called out gently. He was trying not to infuriate her again.

"Lawrence, how could you ask Mike to go to the blind date on your behalf? Does that mean you will also let him marry your wife on your wedding day?" nagged Selina. She was really irritated by these two men's small trick.

"No, no, no, Aunt Selina," Mike replied hurriedly. He glimpsed at Lawrence before he went on, "Lawrence went to the blind date last night. He really did."

"So, can you tell me why it was you who went to the blind date this morning?" questioned Selina again. "Why is Lawrence sitting in the office and working?" "Well, I..." Mike was suddenly at a loss for words.

Since Mike was stammering, Selina turned back to Lawrence.

She angrily asked, "Lawrence, how about the blind date last night? How did it go?" Lawrence didn't answer so she added, "What do you think of Mary?

When Lawrence heard the last question, he only shook his head. He turned around to avoid Selina's gaze and then he answered, "Not good."

"Why? What's the matter?" Selina asked in astonishment. She continued, "You know that she has a very good family background, right?"

"But she has a bad character," Lawrence replied without hesitation. He knew a lot of young ladies like Mary who had great family backgrounds and just like them, he also didn't think Mary would qualify to be his wife.

Selina didn't know what else to say when she saw the indifferent look on Lawrence's face. She kept silent for a moment. After a while, she finally said, "Well, since Mike screwed up the blind date this morning, you have to go on a blind date this afternoon."

"No, I can't. I have something to deal with this afternoon," Lawrence directly refused.

"I can help you deal with it if it's something about work so you can go to your blind date," Selina suggested.

"It's not about work," Lawrence replied immediately. He didn't want to explain anymore so he just said, "I have an appointment with Greg."

Selina didn't say a word

kind of feeling already," he added with furrowed brows. His face looked cold.

"What could be wrong?" Mike also wondered. Then he added, "I've investigated everything about Sharon. She doesn't have a great family background that's why she is really trying her best to get into the elite circle."

A confused look appeared on Lawrence's face as he said, "I can always feel that something is wrong but I can't exactly tell what it is." All of a sudden, an image of a woman flashed through his mind. In his childhood memories, this woman used to be so kind to him. She used to take him out to have fun and buy some ice cream. However...

When Mike noticed that Lawrence seemed to be lost in his thoughts, he gently asked, "Lawrence, what are you thinking?"

"Nothing. I just suddenly miss my Aunt Jean," Lawrence blurted out. Jean Shen had always been in his mind since she passed away. Although it had been so many years ago, he still missed her so much.

Mike knew only a little about Jean so he didn't really have the same feeling towards her. But he thought that Lawrence might just be missing his mother since he suddenly remembered his mother's sister. So, with a smile on his face, he leaned on the sofa and asked Lawrence, "Are you thinking of your Mom, too?" He put a hand on Lawrence's shoulder and advised, "Why don't you go to Hong Kong and visit your parents? You can see Violet there, too."

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