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   Chapter 845 Caught By Selina (Part Two)

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Lawrence arrived at the JC Group's building. As he stepped out of his car, he caught a glimpse of Mary standing not far from him. There was no sign of surprise or remorse on his face. Oblivious of the girl, he walked past her and went straight inside the building.

"Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Lawrence, please give me a minute. I have something for you," Mary pleaded as she sprinted forward and grabbed Lawrence's arm. She attempted to defend herself.

The arrogant man stopped, engrossed in thought. Here was the JC Group, and all the staff knew him. Once his employees saw Mary badgering him, there would be gossips throughout the company. He didn't want to get in trouble because of that woman.

He glanced sideways at Mary. "What's up?" he asked coldly.

"Umm, don't believe that woman. It isn't what you think. I am not a wretched woman. Please believe me," Mary uttered incoherently. She was so nervous that she didn't know what to say.

"What are you trying to say? Do you mean our meeting yesterday?" Lawrence asked. He wasn't interested in Mary's matters. But since it had something to do with Aria, he wanted to know more about that incident.

"No," Mary replied, shaking her head. "That woman's name is Aria Liu. She is just a bitch. She is mean and poor. Please stay away from her."

Lawrence turned to transfix his furious gaze on Mary. "Mary Han," he called out nonchalantly.

Upon hearing Lawrence call her name, Mary responded immediately. "Yes?" she replied obediently.

"Would you still be willing to marry me if we didn't have a wedding ceremony, you couldn't get my property and I didn't announce our relationship overtly?" Lawrence asked abruptly.

His words left Mary stunned. This wasn't the marriage she had long expected. 'How could it be a wedding without a wedding ceremony? How could I become a rich lady if I can't get his property? How can I show my friends that I got married to the most brilliant man in the world if I have to keep our marriage from others?' she wondered with a hesitant expression.

Lawrence waite

ad passed, his office door was opened.

He felt slightly annoyed, wondering who dared disturb him at work rudely. The more he thought, the angrier he got. Before he threw a tantrum, the sight of the figure took him by surprise.

Mike stormed into the office. Without taking a look at Lawrence, he launched himself straight to the sofa.

Selina emerged into the office. She gave Mike a momentary glance before fixing her eyes to Lawrence. "We need to talk, Lawrence," she said with a sullen look, resting her eyes on the young man at his desk.

Selina settled herself on the sofa as well.

Lawrence didn't understand the situation. All of a sudden, he remembered that he had a blind date at 8:00 this morning. 'It's 9:00. Is it because of the appointment?' he wondered.

Lawrence stood up from his seat and headed to the lounge. He took a seat next to Mike, deciding to side with his best friend.

Glaring at the boys, Selina felt anger but didn't know how to handle them.

Lawrence nudged Mike with his elbow. "What's going on?" he whispered.

"We made a mistake. Your Aunt didn't follow you last night. But she appeared at the hotel and caught me red handed," Mike replied in a low voice. When he spoke, he fixed his eyes on Selina with a worried look. Lawrence was awestruck on the turn of the events and felt guilty that he put his best friend in trouble.

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