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   Chapter 844 Caught By Selina (Part One)

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It was a cold night. In a dark and luxurious room, the only light in the room was from the full moon, passing through the window and into the carpeted floor. A silhouette from two bodies could be seen with the dim light from the sky.

Lawrence didn't expect to lose control of his emotions. In the presence of this woman, his thought went wild, which was wilder than he could ever imagine. There was one goal in his mind that very night: this woman must become his; he would take her virginity tonight.

The shyness and fear which overpowered Aria Liu made her reluctant to what was going to happen. But when she stared at Lawrence's incredibly handsome face, she totally fell for his charisma. She could feel something tingling between her thighs. Meanwhile, an impulse to kiss his lips overpowered her.

Lying on the soft bed helpless, Aria was a bit conscious. It was her first time after all. She had never allowed any man to touch her ever in her life. But this man got her heart. "Please be gentle! I am afraid," she whispered coquettishly, her face turning red.

The woman's plead turned him on. He kissed her lips. Gently softly, until it became a little rough. He opened his mouth and their tongue met. The moonlight made it more romantic, arousing Lawrence ever more. He moved on to kiss the rest of her body. And Aria fell into his hands, and her body covered by his warm body. Their bodies both rocking the bed. And Lawrence raced to the final base.


The morning came. Aria was awakened by a pungent smell of smoke. She coughed and breathed for air with her eyes still closed.

Lawrence realized that the woman was already awake. He was still dreamy about last night and couldn't believe that it had happened. He took one last puff from the cigar and calmly put it out on the ashtray beside him.

The instant she opened her eyes, she caught a glimpse of the shirtless Lawrence. Memories from last night flooded Aria's mind and she blushed. She turned away from him immediately as she didn't want him to think tha

found Aria already dressed and sitting on the side of the bed.

Clenching her fists nervously, she didn't dare to look at Lawrence. Perhaps she was too shy to face the man after what had happened the previous night.

Lawrence put on his own clothes and made his way to the nervous Aria. He stood in front of her and lifted her face with his right hand. He looked at her face, memorizing all her facial features and embedding them to his mind.

Lawrence handed his phone to Aria and demanded, "Input your phone number here."

Aria Liu took the phone and saved her phone number. Then she unconsciously called her number from his phone to get his number. She didn't know why she would want Lawrence's number. She never intended to stay in touch after what happened.

She gave the phone back to Lawrence, and asked anxiously, "Well, you won't forget your promise, will you?"

"She will be transferred to the best hospital in the city in the next three hours," Lawrence assured her before walking away from Aria.

"Are you referring to XS Hospital? Aria Liu asked. As far as she knew, XS Hospital was the best hospital in the city.

"She will get the best treatment. You have my word on that," Lawrence promised sternly. He then walked to the door, opened it, and took his leave. Aria was left in the room with high hopes on her mother's condition.

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