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   Chapter 843 I Will Make You A Real Woman (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 7000

Updated: 2019-03-26 00:52

Mary's eyes widened when she saw Lawrence left with Aria. She's now alone in the room and didn't know what to do. She could not comprehend what went wrong and why their date ended like this. 'Why did Lawrence take Aria's hand and leave?' she wondered.

Lawrence was holding Aria's arm tightly. She wanted to escape from his grip but it was too tight. She was lost how she ended up with Lawrence dragging her outside that room.

"Hey, let go of me, will you?" Aria demanded. She was struggling to escape from Lawrence while he was dragging her. 'Where is he taking me?' Aria thought. She saw the elevator and knew that the man was taking her somewhere. "Hey, I said let me go!" Aria shouted.

When the elevator door opened, Lawrence led her into the elevator and then pressed the floor button. He released Aria from his grip and put his hand on her mouth. "Just shut up!" he commanded her.

Aria froze at the sound of his voice. This man was charming but he could also be vicious. She just stood there silently and had no idea what could happen to her in this man's presence. She was getting more scared now. 'What did I get into?' she thought. All she could do was pray for this man to release her.

Finally, the elevator reached its destination floor. Aria was once again grabbed by Lawrence by the arm and pulled her out of the elevator. It was not the usually hotel floor. There was only three doors as Aria counted. Lawrence led her to one of the doors and he opened it.

The moment they entered the room, Aria couldn't see a thing. All she knew was that the room was so big. Bigger than any hotel rooms she's ever been to with her mother. Lawrence didn't turn on the lights. He closed the door and Aria felt his hands grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back to the wall. It was all too fast before Aria could protest, she felt Lawrence chest to her face. She could feel his warm body against hers and hear the sound of his beating heart. There was a moment of silence.

"What...what are you doing?" Aria said, breaking the dead silence. Her?voice?trailed?off?as?she felt the Lawr

down, feeling ashamed. She didn't want Lawrence to see her blushing.

"Excellent!" Lawrence said. He knew from the start that Aria was a virgin from how she reacted to his advances. Confirming it made his cock harder. He actually didn't care if Aria was a virgin or not because he's already obsessed with her mysterious character.

"What...what are you...going to do to me?" That was a stupid question and Aria regretted asking that. Of course she knew what was about to happen. Her breath became heavier and her heart started pounding faster. She couldn't quite see Lawrence's face but she could feel his warm hands gently caressing her body. It started with her shoulders, and it traced her arms, down to her breasts. It gently massaged her tight breast. Aria could feel her nipples getting hard. Lawrence's hands went down between her thighs and she could feel a warm sensation. 'What is happening? Why am I feeling flustered?' she thought. She knew this was wrong but she couldn't help but feel aroused by what was Lawrence was doing. Lawrence kissed her lips gently. Aria unconsciously kissed back with her eyes closed.

"Tonight, I will make you a real woman!" Lawrence erotically whispered into her ear. Aria had no idea what would happen to her but if that meant that her mother would get a better medical treatment, she would sacrifice her purity in exchange of her mother's life.

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