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   Chapter 842 I Will Make You A Real Woman (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-26 00:16

"Mary Han, you know that you have to pay for my mother's medical fees. But..." Aria said with a resolute?expression and then continued, "you also owe her an apology." Aria tried to remain calm. The thought of her mother in the hospital suffering because of Mary Han made her cry, but this time she wouldn't let this bitch see her tears. She had to be seen as tough, otherwise, this rich girl would take advantage of her weakness. All Aria wanted, more than money, was for Mary to acknowledge that what she did was wrong.

"Apology?" Mary asked, as if she didn't hear well what Aria said. She was a well-bred lady from an influential family and she wouldn't allow this poor girl to embarrass her in front of her date. She sneered at Aria, "Why would I apologize to your mother?"

Mary was itching to shout at Aria but she was determined to impress Lawrence and kept her cool. If only Lawrence wasn't around, she would have smacked Aria on the face right there and then. Mary was imagining what she could have done to Aria hadn't her rich future boyfriend was around. But then again, Mary had to remain calm for the time being and be a polite and kind woman she wanted Lawrence to see.

Aria also noticed it and she didn't expect Mary to be this calm and resisted in shouting at her. It was unbelievable. It seemed that she really wanted to be well-behaved in front of the man named Lawrence. 'Hum, since you want to hide your true color from this man here, I will have the liberty to reveal who you really are.' Aria thought.

She pushed Mary away to the side and started walking towards Lawrence. She didn't know who this Lawrence guy was but she would show him what kind of a monster Mary Han was.

Aria's gesture was so strong that Mary was pushed back to the wall. Mary almost lost her balance. Ignoring Mary, Aria was now standing in front of Lawrence, looked straight to his cold eyes and told him, "Lawrence, let me tell you what kind of

e could stop them.

At that time, Lawrence was able to break from Mary's grip. He had a good look on Mary's face and saw her heavy make up already loosening because of the heat in the room. He was already disgusted by the smell of her perfume, but became more disgusted by the thought of her bad manners.

"I have no time for this nonsense and I wish not to get involved in this! Now get out of my sight!" Lawrence said to Mary passively, as if giving an order. His voice was cold and his face showed no expression.

"Lawrence, please," Mary pleaded, trying to get his pardon. This date was very important to Mary. She needed to win Lawrence's favor so she could have a chance at him. Mary had prepared for this very moment and she wouldn't let anyone ruin it. This might be the last time she would see Lawrence if she couldn't redeem herself.

Seeing that Mary had no intention to leave, Lawrence decided that he would be the one to leave. He picked up the room card from the table and went straight for the door. He saw Aria on the way, silently crying. He knew that he couldn't leave her here with Mary. Who knows what Mary Han could do once he's gone from the room. Without too much thinking, he grabbed her arms and forced her out with him. They left and he closed the door behind him.

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