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   Chapter 841 One Knows Not What To Occur (Part Two)

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"Mr. Lawrence, please eat more. Aunt Selina ordered these for you especially. I heard that those are your favorite food," Mary broke the dead silence with an embarrassed expression. Taking notice that the impassive man opposite her paid no heed to her, she felt like a clown. But since he was Lawrence Chu, she couldn't throw a tantrum in front of him. She just wished that he didn't detest her. Her ultimate goal was to be her woman and she wouldn't fail.

"I will," Lawrence responded, devoid of any expressions.

"Ummmm you must have learnt about my family. My Dad is..." But before Mary could finish, Lawrence cut into the conversation.

"I know," the dominating young man began with a poker face. He put down his chopsticks and leaned back against the chair. "Come on! Let's get straight to the point," he said in a cold voice, focusing his gaze on Mary.

With a coy expression, Mary lowered her head. She said in a low, sweet voice, "I think we're a good match. Today, we already met each other. Do you think we should..."

And there she stopped. She couldn't finish her sentence due to embarrassment. She knew it wasn't her role as a lady to bring that matter up. She moved her gaze back to Lawrence expecting him to get the point.

"Do you mean to marry me?" Lawrence asked plainly while staring at the window.

"Yes. It's my dream to be married to you," Mary replied with a flush. She felt slightly bashful to blurt out her thoughts in front of Lawrence.

"Do you think you deserve me?" Lawrence asked frankly. Even though he only knew her for a short time, he thought he had learnt what sort of person the woman in front of him was.

"Excuse... Excuse me?" Mary responded in surprise. She stared at Lawrence who was still looking outside the window. 'Although I can only see his side face, I can feel the great charisma he radiates. If I can stay by his side, I will be as shining as a star in the dark sky, ' she imagined obsessively.

As Lawrence didn't respond, Mary was starting to lose her patience. She didn't imagine their first date to be like this. So she stood up and walked to his side. "I admit that you are from a wealt

e upper class, ' Mary pondered to herself. She was determined to stay classy what happened.

Mary loosened her grip slowly. She got up and walked over to Aria. "What are you doing here? Get out! You're not welcome here," she said to Aria furiously.

"I am not here for you," Aria sneered, as she shoved Mary away. She walked further inside to the room and stopped in front of Lawrence.

Lawrence looked into Aria's eyes with interest. He somehow enjoyed looking at such a clean face without makeup. 'It looked comfortable, ' he thought.

"Hello, I'm Aria Liu. But I am not Mary's friend," Aria Liu addressed.

"Aria Liu?" Lawrence repeated without taking his eyes off her. "I'm Lawrence Chu," he greeted back.

Lawrence Chu? The name rang a bell. She had heard the name somewhere else. He seems to have something to do with a company, she recalled. But she couldn't remember the company's name.

Seeing Aria lost in thought, Mary felt that she might stand in the way of her happiness. She strode forward and stopped between Aria and Lawrence. With her back on Lawrence, she glowered at Aria. "What in the world do you want? If you want money, you can leave now. I will give it to you tomorrow," she said with a sullen look.

'Money?' Lawrence muttered to himself quietly. Their conversation piqued his interest. Why would this new girl wanted money from Mary? Lawrence found himself more interested in Aria than in Mary.

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