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   Chapter 840 One Knows Not What To Occur (Part One)

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Lawrence was on his way to JY Hotel to meet someone. He knew he still had enough time before the so-called meeting started but he preferred to be the first one to arrive to settle himself. He was in his car but his mind was somewhere else. Alas, he arrived in JY Hotel. He veered his car to the driveway and took another quick look at the rear view mirror before alighting from the car. As he stepped out of the car, he handed the key to the Valet and walked straight to the hotel main lobby door and he saw a waitress coming his way.

"Hello, sir. Good evening. Welcome to JY Hotel. How many are in your company?" the waitress greeted in high energy.

Lawrence was scanning the whole lobby. He didn't want to admit the fact that he was kind of impressed of the place. He was lost in admiration of the place and only realized after a few moments that he was asked a question. "I'm Lawrence Chu and I have a reservation for two," Lawrence replied. He remembered that Selina had booked the table under his name.

"Mr. Chu, this way please," she said politely. She immediately recognized the name. Who wouldn't? This was a Chu, one of the most distinguished families in the city. She reminded herself that she couldn't afford to displease him or else, she might lose her job.

The waitress carefully ushered Lawrence into a private room. On their way, Lawrence couldn't help but be amazed on how beautiful the place was. 'So much for a first meeting, ' he thought. When they arrived in the room, Lawrence glanced around to find a small table and two wooden stools. It occurred to him that Selina had arranged this room on purpose.

Lawrence helped himself to the table and sat down on one of the stools.

The waitress put her hand inside her pocket and took out a room card. "Mr. Lawrence, this is the room card of our president suite. It is Mrs. Selina's instruction," she said courteously, handing the card to Lawrence.

Lawrence was surprised at the gesture. He thought that the restau

were keen on perfume, but none of them gave off a scent as strong as hers. 'Did she use up a whole bottle of perfume?' he wondered in disdain.

Mary didn't realize that Lawrence had an aversion towards her. Instead, she considered Lawrence the legendary aloof prince.

Mary let out a sweet smile and took the seat in front of Lawrence, trying to comprehend the man in front of her.

Aria had successfully slipped into JY Hotel. She could've just entered the hotel lobby as how normal people do, but she wasn't wearing the appropriate attire nor looking any classy. Aria was wearing a cheap, white, lace top, paired with a sleazy jeans, and white sneakers. Her hair was pony-tailed. Some could say that she looked young and pure, but they wouldn't be interested in her as she looked cheap.

"All right. Now that I'm in, I need to find Mary," Aria mumbled.

She glanced around to see where she needed to go. She was awestruck by how beautiful the place was but there was no time to waste. She needed to find Mary before any staff noticed her cheap presence. She walked towards an aisle.

Lawrence didn't take a look at Mary since the time she helped herself in a seat in front of her. He would casually glance over the window and watch the lights of the street sparkling while enjoying the silence more than the dinner.

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