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   Chapter 839 Lawrence's Substitute (Part Three)

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"So what happened then?" Lawrence urged Mike to tell him more. He now faced Mike and was interested with what he was about to say like it was a secret trick he needed.

"I haven't returned home and have found all kinds of excuses to avoid my Dad. So I am safe. For now, I guess," Mike answered blandly. He laughed at the thought. "This morning, he called and scolded me because I hadn't come back home for a long time. He threatened to break my legs if I don't come home today. So why would I come back home?" he added jokingly and laughed very hard.

"If your legs were broken, I would send a helicopter to your window to save you," Lawrence joked.

They both laughed. Mike and Lawrence shared this inside joke to themselves about their family and how they would save each other in case one of them git stuck with their rich but dysfunctional families. But Mike was actually moved by Lawrence's words. He would always know that Lawrence was there for him no matter what. With a light pat on the latter's shoulder, he replied with great joy, "You're my good buddy. I'd rather die outside than go home and be at the mercy of my Dad."

"If you don't have anywhere to go, you can live in my house or I can buy you a villa," Lawrence offered.

"There is no need. How would I end up without no place to live? If I really got no choice, I don't mind sleeping with you," Mike teased and he grinned at Lawrence.

"What if that Lily mistakes us for gays?" Lawrence asked out of the blue. He was just trying to sway the conversation to a light mood.

Mike almost choked on his whiskey. After swallowing the wine, he cast a surprised glance at Lawrence. "Does she?" he asked with his eyes widened.

"It's possible. You know Lily, don't you?" Lawrence replied curtly. He was in no mood to introduce Lily. Mike knew everything about him and his family and how inappropriate they could be sometimes.

Mike had a hard thought on what Lawrence said. He paused for a while to think more about it but realized that Lawrence

you about the meeting, you can tell them your real thoughts. If you don't even attend one meeting, you will be at a loss for answering the elders' questions. They will know if you're fooling them," Mike advised. He gave a careful analysis to his friend. After all, Aunt Selina would sense if Lawrence was lying. Mike didn't care about his friend's Uncle Wilson. It was only Aunt Selina that he thought about because he knew the woman held all the power.

"You go and attend tonight's meeting on my behalf. I will go with tomorrow's appointment," Lawrence negotiated with Mike. The latter could sense that Lawrence wasn't really keen in going at any of them.

"What if your Aunt tracks you tonight? It is your first blind date anyway. I'm sure she has something planned to know you'll attend those." Mike reminded. He was also scared of Aunt Selina after all. Who wouldn't?

When he heard Mike's reminder, he knew that he couldn't miss tonight's appointment. 'Mike's right, ' Lawrence thought. He knew that his Aunt was determined to get him married and was capable of doing anything just to make her plans work. But Lawrence was more determined to not let his family run his own life. He decided to go to the first date tonight and agreed that the next would be Mike's. He was sure that he would be bored tonight. But how sure would he be?

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