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   Chapter 838 Lawrence's Substitute (Part Two)

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"We both understand the power of the Chu family. But we've never messed with them. Besides, you got into this position on your own. I don't think Jackson will give us a hard time, will he?" Ann Tang asked with a concerned look. She was trying to comprehend what her husband was telling her. She had never seen her husband this conscious and concerned about the people in the government before.

"He won't," Gabe assured his wife, though he himself was in doubt. He had never associated with Jackson before. When he had been in some parties, he got no chance to talk with Jackson but watched him discreetly. So he had no idea what Jackson was like. He tried to get linked to them but they were mostly off the government circle grid since John Ye left. Gabe always felt he was too ordinary a person when he was in the presence of Jackson Chu.

"Then we got nothing to worry about," Ann Tang concluded. She then added, "Our family has some influence in the city, at least we have a say in the government. Jackson will know it. Besides, our daughter is well-educated. She is beautiful and slender. She is better than other rich girls out there. I'm sure Jackson and Cherry will like her and accept her as their daughter-in-law." Ann was confident of what her daughter could bring to the Chu's table. This was what they had been preparing for for their daughter- to be married off to a rich family.

"I'm still not sure about this," Gabe responded. He had always been sure about everything except this one. He looked at his wife and asked, "What do you think of Jackson's children? Do you think they are the same with the rest from the upper class society?"

Like Jackson, his children were not something that the media could feast on. As a result, not everyone knew anything about them. Aside from being a powerful family, they were also discreet and flawless. All that Ann knew about the Chu children were based on what was known in the government circle. After thinking for a moment and collecting her thoughts

ad never resorted to it to forget the unpleasant things.

"Well, then you're not alone now," Mike proposed before taking a sip of his wine. They both sat there in silence, enjoying the ambiance of a chill and relaxing jazz music.

"Hey, has your Dad ever asked you to get married?" Lawrence broke the silence and asked Mike while he was absently minded playing with his glass of whiskey.

Mike was surprised when Lawrence brought up the subject of marriage. He knew Lawrence since they were kids and for Mike, Lawrence was not the type to talk about marriage with his family. Nor his Dad would force him to marry.

"Of course, he has. Since I returned from abroad, he has kept complaining that some of his friends already have their grandchildren. He blamed me for staying abroad for many years without coming back. The first mission he gave me was to get settled," Mike replied, as he aired his trouble. He was not sure if that was helpful, but he just shared his thoughts on things.

"How did you make it through?" Lawrence asked curiously, still not looking at Mike.

"I played with my phone and pretended that I hadn't heard him talking. Later, my Dad was running out of patience. He directly ordered me to get married. I told him that I would consider his words but I needed some time to find a girl," Mike replied archly.

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