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   Chapter 837 Lawrence's Substitute (Part One)

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"I'm not in a hurry to marry you off. So why are you so impatient to get married?" Gabe teased his daughter. She was bugging him off about this blind date that she was set up with a guy from one of the richest family in the country. Though he liked the idea of his daughter marrying someone rich, he still didn't want her daughter to feel that marriage was an obligation.

"Come on, Father! It's not just any other guy! It's THE Lawrence Chu! He is the hottest bachelor in the city. He's smart, handsome, and he is so rich! I'm sure every girl in the city would die just to date him. So of course, I wouldn't let this opportunity to pass," Mary retorted, referring to his blind date to Lawrence Chu this evening. She always wanted to marry someone like Lawrence and this was the chance she was unwilling to pass on. Gabe gave Mary a look and saw that she was determined. He was planning to take this matter lightly, but seeing how his daughter looked forward to this blind date and possible marriage, he decided to take it a little serious. He was already checking his memory for Lawrence Chu. He knew the Chu Family but was trying hard to remember a Lawrence from this family.

"Well, fine. If your mind is made up, then so be it," he said. His daughter had always been self-willed since she was a little girl. He and his wife spoiled her so much and had never intervened with her decisions. Anyway, if it was Lawrence Chu that she had in mind, he thought it wouldn't be a bad choice. No, Lawrence Chu was the best fish in the sea this city had seen as a matter of fact. He would be lucky to have him as a son-in-law if Mary ended up marrying this man. 'Or would I really be that lucky?' he thought.

"Really? Thank you, Dad. I love you!" Mary exclaimed cheerfully. She was expecting her father's blessing but not without a little push. Mary may had been spoiled but she never once disregarded her parents' take on things. S

ohn Ye has left that circle a long time, and Jackson Chu hasn't gotten his hands in the government. But it doesn't mean that the Chu family has no say in the government anymore. Anyone who dares to offend Jackson will end up in trouble."

Gabe's words made Ann realize the power of the Chu family. She didn't have any idea how powerful the Chu family was until today. But she still didn't understand why her husband was worried about Mary pursuing the Chu guy.

"What do you mean? Do you mean that Jackson Chu will investigate our family if Lawrence chooses to marry our daughter?" Ann asked. She was confused. Why was Gabe- her husband afraid of Jackson Chu?

Gabe looked around to see if his daughter was somewhere near. When he confirmed that Mary has already resigned to her room, he moved near to his wife so she could hear him. He said in low voice, "If Mary and Lawrence get on well, we will need to meet Jackson Chu and his wife in person. Jackson is a principled man and he has been concentrating on exploiting overseas business in the past years. He is strong and he can do whatever he wants in the city. Now he has even expanded his social circle in abroad and got his hands into the international affairs. I can't imagine what he can do with such a formidable power."

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