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   Chapter 834 A Deal With Aunt Selina (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-03-24 20:04

"Your mother is a great woman," Selina commented.

"But you are better than her when it comes to handling a business. You have the skill. H King Group have progressed a lot in the past few years because of your management skills. I heard about your company when I was abroad," Lawrence deliberately led the subject to business. He thought that talking about business with Selina would be more interesting.

"Well, H King Group has grown a lot but your company is still the biggest in the city. Then your parents settled in Hong Kong to exploit international businesses. Our company still has a long way to go," Selina countered. 'I am less capable compared to Jackson and Cherry, ' she mulled to herself.

"You and Uncle can also do that. And don't forget your loving son," Lawrence reminded.

"Austin shows no interest in business. I actually don't know what to do with him anymore," Selina complained with a sigh. She took a sip of coffee and went on, 'You have done a good job since you came back from abroad. And Mike has focused on his business too. On the other hand, Austin does nothing but get into trouble. He hit the headline on the entertainment news again yesterday. It was said that he dined with a French model."

"Austin always has a great deal of box news. When I was in college, I saw some of his photos in newspapers," Lawrence recalled. He was already used to such news since he could always read some tidbits about Austin and other foreign celebrities.

"Oh jeez! There's nothing I can do to him. So, when he comes back, you must help me teach him. I think he will listen to you," Selina proposed with a resigned expression.

"Well... I can help you. But..." Lawrence paused for a while.

"Go ahead," Selina urged him to finish his wo

uttered, "Mr. Lawrence, I... I am so sorry for making the mistake earlier."

"Ivy Li," Lawrence called out her full name. "You were hired without even undergoing an interview. So you think you can do anything you want in the company, uh?" he yelled at Ivy.

"Please, Please don't get me wrong," Ivy faltered as she dropped her head again. She didn't dare to look into Lawrence's eyes.

"If you make a mistake again, you better not come here anymore," Lawrence said petulantly.

"It won't happen again. I promise. Thank you for giving me another chance," Ivy apologized as she bowed to Lawrence many times.

Actually, Lawrence wasn't mad at Ivy. He was just afraid that Ivy might have overheard about his going on a blind date. 'If other employees know about it, they might gossip, ' he thought.

"Get out," Lawrence said after a long pause. He couldn't fire Ivy or transfer her to another department. Anyway, after their conversation, he confirmed that Ivy didn't know anything about his talk with Selina.

"Yes, Mr. Lawrence," Ivy replied obediently before turning around to leave.

She didn't even dare turn back in fear that Lawrence might change his mind.

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