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   Chapter 833 A Deal With Aunt Selina (Part One)

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"What's wrong with blind dates? I think it's the best for you," Derek argued. "Besides, you parents met each other on a blind date as well," he added.

When Lawrence heard Derek's last statement. he was stunned for a moment. 'It's true. Dad and Mom met on a blind date, ' he thought.

As Mond noticed that Lawrence was wavering, he instantly took the chance to support Derek. "Just pick some girls, Lawrence. Then your Aunt will handle everything. She will arrange the dates with each girl," he persuaded.

There was a long silence in the room.

After a while, Lawrence finally opened his mouth. "Just select a few girls for me. Then tell me the date and the schedule later," he agreed with a straight face.

He then rose from his seat and took his leave.

While staring at Lawrence's receding figure, Derek gave out a slight smile.

"Looks like his parents' love story has a big influence on him," Derek remarked.

"It has to be. He loves his mother more than anything else in this world after all," Wilson added.

Lawrence returned to the company.

Before he could enter his office, he caught sight of Ivy who was sitting on her desk.

He gave Ivy a sidelong glance before he went straight to his office.

Both Ivy and Polly perceived the displeasure in Lawrence's aura. They exchanged glances and shook their heads. They didn't have any idea what had upset their boss.

Ten minutes later, Ivy and Polly heard the elevator door opened. They raised their heads and saw Selina walking out of the elevator.

The two stood up in a hurry and greeted her, "Hello, Mrs. Selina." Both of them stared at her in awe.

"Where is your boss?" Selina asked. "He is inside," Polly replied in a gentle voice, gesturing at the CEO office.

Selina didn't bother to knock anymore.

She just pushed the door and came in.

Lawrence lifted his head to have a quick look at the one who opened his office door then he went back to reading the files in his hands. Actually, he already

er mouth as if she wanted to say something but eventually decided just to keep quiet. As she stared at Lawrence, she knew how stubborn he was and she couldn't do anything to change his mind.

At that moment, Ivy entered the office with the two cups of coffee. She put the coffee mugs on the tea table carefully. As she observed the two discreetly, she sensed that a tense atmosphere filled the office. She could see that Lawrence pulled a long face while Selina furrowed her brows.

"Why are you still here?" Lawrence asked Ivy with a stern expression. Ivy seemed to have awaken from her daze.

"I'm sorry. I'm leaving now," she answered.

Ivy turned around and hurriedly went out of the office. 'What a fool I am! I made a huge mistake and was scolded by Lawrence in front of Selina, ' she blamed herself.

When Ivy was out of the room, Selina looked askance at Lawrence. "Where did you hire this assistant?" she asked skeptically.

"She passed our company's interview," Lawrence replied casually.

"Is that so?" Selina continued in an incredulous tone. She didn't believe that Lawrence just hired this assistant for no reason at all. How could she believe that Lawrence would keep a silly assistant?

"Aunt, you know what? You nagged more than my Mom," Lawrence replied as he wanted to drop the topic about Ivy.

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