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   Chapter 831 Fixing Up A Blind Date (Part One)

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The reply that she had received from the other end of the phone pleased Sharon and she responded, "Okay, fine, I am coming to meet you right now! Where are you? Please text me the address."

After?they had bid each other goodbye, Sharon quickly hung?up?the?phone. There was a huge?smile?on her face, making it look as if she was pretty pleased with what she had just heard.

She then stood up, looked at Fred who was standing in front of her and then turned to look at Greg who was sitting not far away, announcing, "My best friend is back in the city and I will stay with her for a few days."

Before the father and son could say something in return, Sharon turned away to go upstairs and pack up all her things.

Fred didn't say a word to that, but walked over and sat beside Greg on the sofa.

"I am very sorry, Father!" Greg apologized as his head lowered down.

"No, don't say that! It's not your fault at all!" Fred comforted his son and patted on his shoulder. "If your Aunt Sharon wants to move out for some time, let her do it! I hope that when she is back her mind would have cleared of all the negative thoughts."

"Father," Greg called Fred. Actually, he didn't care about Sharon at all. He was least bothered about what she was going to do after this.

"Yes, what happened son?" asked Fred, still looking at his son continuously.

"I'd like to take over the XS Hospital from tomorrow onward. I really want to do something for you!" Greg didn't expect that he would have the courage to say such a thing in front of his father.

"Greg, have?you?figured?it all out?" There was a surprise in Fred's voice. Earlier, he wanted to ask his son to take charge of the hospital and he would always change the topic. But today, to his utter surprise, Greg unexpectedly brought up the topic himself and expressed his desire to do so!

"Yes," Greg slightly nodded his head, but he kept

e family.

"Don't worry, Lily! I still have my Uncle Wilson! I know Uncle Derek has a close relationship with the Xiao family and I deserve to be blamed. But my uncles Wilson and Mond will certainly be by my side. Just relax, Lily. I will be 100% fine!" Lawrence was not worried about what was going to happen at all.

"Fine!" Lily could say nothing more to that but nod her head helplessly.

After breakfast, Lawrence drove the car and rushed to JS Group. The moment he arrived at the gate, he got off the car, threw the keys to the security guy so that he would park his car, and went inside.

When he arrived at the president's office, he saw all three of his uncles were sitting there waiting for him to come.

Lawrence looked around and said, "This office still looks the same as when I left. It hasn't changed much."

"You brat! Come over here and sit down!" Derek greeted him. It seemed that he was not angry at all. Instead, he seemed very happy with something.

When he saw the pleasant smile on Derek's face, Lawrence couldn't believe his eyes. He took off his glasses and with disbelief, asked, "Uncle Derek, aren't you going to teach me a lesson today?"

"What lesson, what are you talking about?" Derek was confused by Lawrence's question.

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