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   Chapter 830 Sally Is Back (Part Two)

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Despite what Rebecca did to her, she still tried to defend her.

"Mr. Lawrence, could you please take back your words. Don't ban her. She has a lot of fans and she has a bright future."

"Do you really know what kind of a person she is?" Lawrence asked. Lawrence was annoyed but he couldn't say more because he felt that this woman was so stupid and she was very different from Rebecca.

"Yes, I do. Rebecca has been in show business for so long and she has changed a lot. But I know she is a good person. She is not bad inside," Ivy replied firmly.

When she finished her words, Lawrence was about to say something but before he could open his mouth, he saw Alice walking in.

When Ivy turned around and saw Alice, she bowed to greet her.

"What's wrong?" Alice asked when she noticed that Ivy wasn't in a good mood. "Is Lawrence harassing you?" "No, no, no," Ivy hastily denied.

Then she added, "You might want to talk with Mr. Lawrence. I'll go out now so I won't bother you two."

Then she went out of the room directly without waiting for them to agree.

Alice looked at Lawrence's face. She then walked to him and sat beside him. She casually asked, "Lawrence, I've just heard that you made a fatal decision in the hall on the first floor."

"Why would you say it was fatal?" Lawrence asked. He took the brandy on the table and drank a shot.

"I've heard that Rebecca has brought huge profits to the JC Group. Why did you suddenly dismiss her?" Alice asked. "She doesn't deserve to be an actress of our company," Lawrence replied.

"Oh," Alice exclaimed on purpose.

She relaxed and continued, 'It se

om her.

"Why should I tell you?" Greg asked back. "To let you tell the whole world that your daughter-in-law is Lawrence's sister?" Greg was already expecting that his aunt would question him after the party but he just didn't expect that it would happen this early. Sharon couldn't help but laugh, "Ha ha ha! Neither of you consider me as a part of this family. You don't trust me."

"Because I know what you will do once you find out," Greg replied.

Then he added, "Don't blame Father for what happened. It was me who asked him not to tell you."

"Even if you didn't tell me anything, you could have at least helped me. I was so humiliated in front of so many people today and yet, none of you tried to help me." Sharon was already crying when she added, "Why didn't you even say anything for me?" Greg didn't know how to answer her question.

He was also wrestling with the thought of it at the moment.

Sharon's phone which was on the coffee table suddenly rang. She took the phone and after checking who was calling, she answered at once, "Hello, Sally. Are you back?"

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